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【Fixed】iPhone Software Update Failed

Alex Scott,  02 June, 2022
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An error occurred installing iOS 13.3? iPhone update error pops and then you can't update iPhone to the latest software with success. Apart from iPhone settings, you can also update iPhone software from EelPhone OSFixit with one click. Proceeding the guide from this article to fix iPhone software update error.

It's a common issue when iPhone is unable to update iPhone latest software version from iPhone settings. You have also several ways to fix iPhone update error. For iOS software update failed, it's mostly the software problem rather than the hardware damage.

Part 1: Preparation Before iPhone Software Update

In fact, Apple users have to update iPhone software to the latest version when there is one new software version released by apple. Updating iPhone software is also a way to make iPhone works better. However, we should also do some preparations before updating iPhone software to avoid failed software updating.

Fully Charged
It's better to charge iPhone before updating iPhone software or connect iPhone to the charger during the software update process. iPhone software update process takes a few minutes or longer, poor power will stop the software update process suddenly. The sudden power outage will make iPhone software update failed and even damage iPhone software and hardware. Enough power of iPhone is necessary for iPhone software update.

Stable Network
iPhone software update works with a stable and strong network. the Wifi or cellular your iPhone linked, please test the network before updating iPhone software. Switch to another network account when the current network is weak and unstable. The poor network will also make iPhone update failed.

Check iPhone Storage Space
The new iPhone software will take iPhone storage and the software updating process needs enough storage space. Before updating iPhone software, please go to Settings>General>iPhone Storage. If the iPhone storage is nearly used up, you should free up iPhone storage immediately. If you don't know how to delete useless data on iPhone, turn to EelPhone iPhone cleaner-which will scan out all files on iPhone, select the files from the scanning result and remove it from iPhone thoroughly. Of course, you can clean up iPhone storage by deleting files from iPhone directly. It's better to backup iPhone before erasing data from iPhone.

When iPhone update error happened and you can close the notice, stop the iPhone software updating and check all preparation above one by one and try again. In the case that, iPhone froze on the iPhone software update failed interface and you can't go back to iPhone home interface, follow the tips from the second part.

Part 2: How to Fix iOS Update Failed Issue

When the notification pops up “software update failed an error occurred downloading iOS 13.3” when iPhone is checking for an update. For iPhone software update failed problem, follow the tips below one by one:

Close the Notice and Try Again
When iPhone update error notice pops up, don't worry, tap on the Close to close the notice. Turn back to iPhone settings to update iPhone software again.

Follow the Settings Button
From the iPhone update error notice, the settings button is available also. Tap on the Settings button to follow the guide to set up iPhone.

Free up iPhone
You should bypass all possibilities of iPhone software update failed issue, including the limited storage space as we mentioned in the first part.

Change Network
To make sure that iPhone update error isn't related to the network account iPhone linked, you can test the network on another mobile phone, or you can switch to another network account and update iPhone software again.

Restart iPhone
Restart update failed iPhone when both tips above don't work. Hold the power button to power it off and then hold it again to restart iPhone. When iPhone restarts, go to settings to update iPhone settings.

Factory Reset iPhone
It's the way to put iPhone to its original status by erasing all data and settings. With iPhone password, you can factory reset iPhone from iPhone settings also: Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Data and Settings. Follow the guide on iPhone to set it up one more time.

Update iPhone Software from EelPhone OSFixit
An error occurred while checking for a software update iPhone after all attempts above, you've tried to update iPhone software several times, but iOS software update failed also. Maybe it's better to update iPhone software with the help of EelPhone OSFixit. Or when iPhone software update failed and frozen, the tool is the best method to update iPhone software and fix the frozen iPhone.

Step 1: Download EelPhone OSFixit to computer. To update iPhone software, the standard mode from the interface is enough. Tap on the standard mode to fix iPhone update failed issue.
iPhone Software Update Failed

Step 2: Plug software update failed iPhone to computer using the original cable. Don't disconnect iPhone from computer during the whole process.
iPhone Software Update Failed

Step 3: Choose the iOS software you want an update to from the list. There are many iOS versions, you can select the latest one to download the related iPSW data package and iPhone will update to the iOS version you selected.
iPhone Software Update Failed

Step 4: EelPhone OSFixit will download the iPSW data package according to the iOS version you've selected. It's automatic to download and unpack the iPSW data package, what you can do is keep the connection.
iPhone Software Update Failed

Step 5: Tap on the Repair Now button when the iPSW data package was unpacked. The tool will update iOS software on iPhone.
iPhone Software Update Failed

Notice: The advanced mode on the home interface can also update iPhone software, but it's the way that will erase all data and settings on iPhone. It's the effective method to repair iPhone system problems. Unless that iPhone frozen and the standard mode can't fix iPhone system problems, don't use the advanced mode at first.

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