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iPhone Keeps Restarting-How to Fix It

Alex Scott,  12 February, 2020
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When we use iPhone, iPhone constantly restarting suddenly, we even can't stop it by force restart. Why does iPhone keep restarting? And how to fix iPhone restarts on its own? We are talking about the reasons and solution about the iPhone keeps restarting issue on the article below.

From all reasons below, check and then select one method to fix iPhone keeps restarting, but most of all tips below will erase all data on iPhone, so if possible, backup iPhone data before fixing.

Part 1: Why Does My iPhone Keep Restarting

iPhone won't stop restarting, we list all possibilities, and we can choose the corresponding solution from the second part.

Too Old iOS System Version
Apple offers a new iOS version for users, the new version solves many old iOS version vulnerabilities. We should update iOS version when new iOS version released, if we don' update iOS system to the latest, iPhone may keep restarting itself.

App on iPhone not Suitable on the iOS System
When we're using iPhone, iPhone keeps restarting over and over suddenly, check if you are using one app on iPhone, maybe the app not suitable for iPhone, or the app version is too old also.

Too Old of iPhone
If your iPhone worked for several years, it's normal that iPhone keeps restarting apple logo, each iPhone has it's life also.

Attacked by Virus
It's rare but not impossible, when we click on one strange link, or browse the website with a virus, attacked by virus, unfortunately, iPhone keeps restarting itself.

It's not all possibilities of the issue that iPhone keeps restarting every few minutes, but we all can get one best solution from part 2.

Part 2: How to Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting

When iPhone keeps restarting itself, the expert would like to research the reason, but most of us, prefer to find out the solution to fix iPhone keeps restarting at once, we provide almost all tips to fix iPhone won't stop restarting.

Note: Before fixing iPhone keeps restarting, backup iPhone to iTunes/iCloud if possible, or use EelPhone iPhone backup and restore to backup iPhone data to computer.

Tip 1: EelPhone OSFixit to Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting Over And Over

EelPhone OSFixit tool, fix almost all iOS system problems, just with clicks with the guide on the tool during the whole process.

Step 1: Download EelPhone OSFixit on computer, and then, from the interface of the tool, click on Standard Mode. And connect iPhone to computer via USB cable.
iPhone keeps restarting

Step 2: If the tool can detect iPhone automatically, turn to the third step directly, it can't be detected, put iPhone into recovery or DFU mode with the guide on the tool below.
iPhone keeps restarting
iPhone keeps restarting
Step 3: According to your iPhone version, download the firmware to computer, and extract firmware package then.
iPhone keeps restarting

Step 4: Click on Repair Now to fix iPhone keeps restarting issue.
iPhone keeps restarting

Just wait when the tool is fixing iPhone, and if failed, turn to the interface again to use the Advanced mode to fix iPhone keeps restarting issue, the guide of advanced mode is easier than standard mode.
iPhone keeps restarting

Tip 2: Update iOS Version to Latest

Go to Settings>General>Software Update>Download and Install, update to the latest iOS system version if have an available iOS version. Once the latest iOS version was updated on iPhone, the iPhone will restart automatically, enter the password and then check if iPhone keeps restarting issue solved.
iPhone keeps restarting

Tip 3: Uninstall the APP on iPhone

When we're in one app, suddenly, iPhone was turned off and restarted, and iPhone keeps restarting itself. In the moment iPhone turns on, uninstall the app you just used, then check if the issue was solved. If solved, it's the problem of the app which isn't compatible with iPhone.

Tips 4: Give Up This iPhone Which Keeps Restarting Itself

The iPhone in hand for several years? Broken screen? Short endurance of battery? Stuck and work slowly when using iPhone? It means that your iPhone was too old to work, buy one new iPhone or Android phone instead, the hardware in the old iPhone can't work anymore.

Tip 5: Erase All Data and Settings on iPhone

Another method when iPhone was on, go to Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Data and Settings, enter the password to confirm the reset. It's useful if we can access settings on iPhone.
iPhone keeps restarting

Tip 6: Force Restart iPhone

When iPhone keeps restarting over and over, can't use the iPhone screen, force factory reset iPhone with the help of buttons on iPhone.
We can press and hold on home and Power buttons at the same time. If without Home button, press and hold on power and top/power-down buttons at the same time to force restart iPhone.

Tip 7: Restore from iTunes

Connect the iPhone to computer, and launch iTunes on computer, once iPhone connected to iTunes, from Summary section, click on Restore iPhone button to restore iPhone, erase all data and settings on iPhone.
iPhone keeps restarting

According to the causing of iPhone keeps restarting itself, from part 2, choose one suitable method to fix iPhone auto restart problem.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 27 April, 2020

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