Three Powerful Feathers on EelPhone OSFixit

Standard Mode to Fix iOS System and Apple TV

When getting into iOS system problems, some Apple users prefer to reset all data and settings on iDevice or use iTunes to restore iDevice, may be useful but will erase all data on iDevice after the process. If without backup, we highly recommend fixing iOS system and Apple TV issues without losing data with the standard mode of EelPhone OSFixit.
All iOS system issues below can be fixed without losing data.
iOS System Repair

Advanced Mode to Fix Serious Issues Which Can't Be Solved by Standard Mode

First of all, we use standard mode to fix iOS system and Apple TV problems, if standard mode can't fix iOS system problems, return to the main face of EelPhone OSFixit, use Advanced Mode to fix iDevice. Different from standard mode, advanced mode makes it easier to solve iDevice system problems, but will lose all data on iDevice.

Free to Enter And Exit Recovery Mode

We always use recovery mode to force restore iPhone/iPad when we can't update and restore iPhone/iPad in normal method, but different iDevice should press different buttons to put iDevice into recovery mode, EelPhone OSFixit offers the tool to put iDevice into recovery mode by connecting iPhone/iPad to EelPhone, click on Exit/Enter Recovery Mode, then just wait and keep connection during the whole process.
iOS System Repair


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Standard Mode Without Losing Data

Advanced Mode Fix Serious iOS and Apple TV Issues

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Fixing iOS System Issues


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