How to Bypass FRP Lock Without Password[Updated]

EelPhone author Alex Scott, 18 November, 2019


With force-factory reset on Android phone, if find my device was turned on, you still should enter Google account and password to remove FRP lock, then you can use the phone normally. But if you no have Google account associated to the phone, you can't remove FRP lock on the phone unless with the help of EelPhone FRP lock removal.

FRP-Factory Reset Protection, it means when you factory reset one phone in one abnormal way, and the find my device feather was enabled, you're asked to enter Google account and password to log in the FRP locked phone. The FRP lock aims to prevent the phone from being stolen. When you get one new phone, set up Google account to turn on FRP on the phone.

Factory reset FRP locked phone is useless, erasing all data and settings on FRP locked phone, but Google verification is still on, and you're still asked to enter Google account and password to remove FRP lock. If you forgot FRP lock password(Google account and password), how to bypass the Google FRP lock? Turn to EelPhone Google FRP removal to remove FRP lock without Google account.

Part 1: How to Bypass FRP Lock on Any Phones in Clicks

EelPhone Google FRP Removal, one FRP bypass tool for PC, when you forgot Google account and Google password, but you want to bypass FRP lock without password, you can use it to bypass FRP lock on Samsung phone.

Step 1: Free download Google FRP removal on Windows, and then launch the FRP bypass tool on the Windows, two feathers: Remove Google Lock and Remove Screen Lock, select the first feather, click on it to bypass FRP lock on the phone.
FRP lock bypass

Step 2: Currently, the EelPhone Google FRP Removal works for Samsung phone only, other Android phones is waiting in the list, and all data will be erased after removing FRP lock on the phone. Click on Start to remove FRP from the Android phone. And connect the FRP locked Android phone to the Google FRP removal via USB cable.
FRP lock bypass

Step 3: Select the model information from the removal, then tap on Next button to go on.
Remove Google FRP lock

Step 4: For more model information, you should put the FRP locked phone into recovery mode to get the PDA number. Get the PDA number from the list.
Note: Make sure that you have selected the right model for FRP locked Android phone.
FRP lock bypass
Choose PDA number

Step 5: Put the FRP locked phone into download mode to download the related file data,just follow the guide on the removal to put the phone into download mode, then the removal will download the file data package automatically.
FRP lock bypass
Unlock Google FRP lock

Step 6: After downloaded the file data package, you'll be asked to enter recovery mode again, choose Wipe Data selection on the recovery mode screen. Then put FRP locked phone into recovery mode for the second time, just do as the removal asked.
Remove Google FRP lock

Step 7: After the FRP locked phone get into recovery mode for the second time, the removal will remove FRP lock from the phone automatically, but you should keep connection between the phone and computer, and be patient, it takes few minutes. FRP lock bypass

Part 2: Google FRP Bypass for Free

The only free method to bypass FRP lock on the phone for free is Google account and password.

FRP lock prevents the phone from being stolen and being put into factory reset to remove screen lock, force reset is useless if find my device feather is enabled. So if you don't need the FRP feather on Android phone, you can remove Google account from Android phone settings.

Go to Settings>Account>Google>Remove Account, enter Google account password to remove Google account on the phone. But it's not a good way to disable FRP on Android phone, you need Google account to download APP, and you need Google account to register on App also.
FRP lock bypass

So, you can disabled Find My Device feather on Android phone, next time, abnormal factory reset can unlock the phone directly without FRP, but for Android owners, it's better to use FRP on Android phone, it's one further protection.
Disable Find My Device

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 20 August, 2020