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[New Technology]Bypass Google Account Samsung

Alex Scott,  02 December, 2019
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How to get past Google lock on Samsung galaxy/luna/tablet? The owner of the Samsung phone can provide the Google account and password, one forgot Google account and password, another workable method to remove Google account from Samsung without Google account and password is the EelPhone Google Removal, in clicks, we can bypass Samsung Google account verification.

Part 1: Why You Should Use the Google Account to Lock Samsung Phone

Over Android 5.1 version, almost all Android phone use the Google verification to protect the lost/stolen phone, including Samsung phone.
When you got one new Samsung phone, sign in the Samsung phone with the guide, you're asked to enter one Google account as the Samsung ID(like apple id), and at the same time, you're asked to open the feather Find My Device on the feather(like Find my iPhone), once turned on Find My Device, the Google verification protection was enabled.

Use the Find My Device feather to lock stolen or lost Samsung phone remotely, the Samsung phone is useful and accessible when you enter the Google account and password to bypass Google account Samsung galaxy/tablet.
Bypass Google Account Samsung

Part 2: How to Bypass Google Verification on Samsung Phone and Tablet

It's no question when you know the Google account and the password, just enter the Google account and the password to bypass Samsung account lock, or when not in the Google verification screen, you can remove the Google account from Samsung settings directly, but it also needs to enter the Google account password to confirm remove of Google account. Or, turn to EelPhone Google Removal to bypass Samsung Google lock in steps as follow.

Step 1: Free download the EelPhone Google Removal on Windows, no version for MAC. And from two feathers on EelPhone, click on Remove Google Lock.
Bypass Google Account Samsung

Step 2: Connect the Google account locked Samsung phone to the computer via USB cable, before clicking on the Start Remove button, the note on the interface is important for the success of the process, so make sure that the unique connection rather than two device, the WIFI connect is neccessary for the successful unlocking process.
Bypass Google Account Samsung

Step 3: The notification from the removal wakes up the locked Samsung device, so keep connection when you clicked on Start Remove button, the Samsung device will pop window once received the notification from the removal.
Bypass Google Account Samsung

Step 4: Now it's operation on Samsung device, download the pdffile from the link appeared on the phone, click on View to open the link, at last, what you need is downloading the pdffile to your device.
Bypass Google Account Samsung

Step 5: Install and open the apk file once downloaded, get into the Settings interface following the guide on the removal to enable the PIN windows feature.

Bypass Google Account Samsung

Step 6: Draw one new PIN for your device, it's the PIN which you can use to open locked Samsung later.
Bypass Google Account Samsung

Step 7: After the process, use the new PIN to bypass Google account on Samsung phone.
Bypass Google Account Samsung

It's the detailed steps to bypass Google lock on Samsung Galaxy/note/tablet, download the data package-extract data package-download firmware package-extract firmware package-bypass Google account, it's the last hope to remove Google account from Samsung without Google account and password actually.

Part 3: How to Lock Samsung with Google Account

When the phone was stolen or lost, go to Google browser, then sign in Google browser with the Google account used in your stolen or lost Samsung phone, and then search Find My Device on the search box, https://myaccount.Google.com/intro/find-your-phone?hl=en-US or enter this link to sign in Find My Device with Google account directly.

Note: the Find My Device feather on the Samsung must be enabled, the stolen or lost phone will appear on Find My Device.

Select the Samsung phone on the find my phone map, and click on Lock to lock stolen or lost Samsung phone with Google account, even force factory reset, the Samsung phone can't be unlocked, but causing the Google lock on the phone.

Of course, when forgot Samsung screen password, or when you got one second-hand Samsung phone, want to get into the locked Samsung without password by force factory reset, force factory reset will make Samsung phone locked by Google account, without Google account and password, EelPhone Google Removal will bypass Samsung account lock without Google account and password, but with losing data after the Samsung galaxy / not/tablet Google bypass.
Bypass Google Account Samsung

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 30 December, 2021

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