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2022-How to Bypass Google Account Verification After Reset

Alex Scott,  25 October, 2019
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Protection of data and privacy in Android phone, when you force factory reset Android phone, Google verification lock will appear on Android phone, you should enter Google account and password to get rid of Google verification. If you forgot Google password associated with the phone, you can't access the phone anymore unless turning to EelPhone Google Account Removal to bypass Google account verification without password.

When getting one new Android phone, you're asked to enter one Google account and password if you want to download APP from Google Play, so set up one Google account for new Android phone. It's the device ID and password for your phone, and the find my device feather will be turned on automatically(can be turned off manually) for the safety of the Android 5.1 and later version users.

When you make a factory reset on Android phone, as long as the Find My Device feather was enabled, you should enter the Google account you have set up to bypass the Google verification, it's one further protection of data on Android phone, and prevent others from using the Android phone without permission. If you are the owner of the Android phone or got Google account from the Android phone owner, you can enter the Google account and the password to remove Google account verification directly. But if no have Google account or forgot Google account and password of Android phone, you can seek help from EelPhone Google Account Removal, which can unlock google verification lock after reset without password.

Part 1: How to Bypass Google Verification Without Password After Reset

You must set up one Google account for Android phone after Android 5.1 version, and it's the protection of Android phone data, the find my device feather was turned on automatically. Factory reset Android phone can't unlock locked Android phone but make Android phone locked by Google account, you should enter Google account to start up the Android phone, if no have the Google account of the Android phone, turn to the tool to remove Google account verification lock without Gmail account and password.

Step 1: Free download the tool-EelPhone Google Account Removal on Windows, and install the removal. Launch the removal after the installation, and on the home page of the removal, click on Remove Google Lock rather than Remove Screen Lock.
Bypass Google verification

Step 2: Connect the Google account verification locked Android phone to the computer via USB cable. From the page of the removal, you should read the warning carefully before removing Google account verification on Android phone: One and only one phone connection to the computer; Wifi connection is necessary for downloading the apk document from the following step. Click on Next to bypass Google account verification without password.
Bypass Google verification

Step 3: According to your Android phone, check the correct phone brand and device version from the scanning result, the detailed model information was scanned out by the tool automatically, then click on Start Remove button.
Bypass Google verification

Step 4: Once started, the tool will send the notification to your phone at once, keep connection during the process.
Bypass Google verification

Step 5: Once the phone received the instruction with success, from pop-up one window on the phone, tap on View to open the URL, download the apk file by clicking on Download button.
Bypass Google verification

Step 6: When the the phone has downloaded and installed the apk document with success, follow the steps on the tool interface to enable the PIN windows feature from settings.
Bypass Google verification

Step 7:The guide will guide us to set up one new pattern for the Google verification locked phone, when you restart the phone, you can use the new pattern to remove Google verification and get in the Samsung phone.
Bypass Google verification

Step 8: Using the new pattern you have just set to remove Google verification, it's the way to get the Android system engineer's authority, it's the newest way actually.
Bypass Google verification

It's the detailed guide to bypass Google account verification on Android without Google account.

Part 2: How to Bypass Google Account Verification on Android for Free

How to Add Google Account to Android phone
Go to Settings on Android, click on Account feather, then click on Google to add one Google account to the Android phone, use one Gmail you have registered and one password, don't forgot the password.
Settings>Account>Add Account>Google>More option>Create account, the created account is your Google account that you should enter to verify after factory reset Android phone.
Remove Google account verification lock

Note: You can add several Gmail account to Android phone, but the Google account used as the device ID is only one. If you only want to add one Gmail to Android phone, Settings>Account>Add Account>Google, enter the Gmail account and click on Next rather than More Option.
What's more, after the Android 5.1 version, the find my device feather will be turned on automatically once add the Google account to the Android phone.

How to Remove Google Account from Android Phone
To resell Android phone, you should remove Google account from Android phone, once you removed Google account on Android phone, all data associated with the Google account will be erased from Android phone.

Go to Settings>Account, tap on the Google account, click on Remove Account from Android phone, most important, you should enter password to confirm the bypass of Google account verification. If you forgot Google account password, you can Google account verification bypass without password with the help of the tool from the second part.
Bypass Google verification

So when you stuck on verification screen of Android phone, just enter the Gmail account and the password to remove Google account verification. If without password, turn to the second part to bypass Google account verification.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 30 December, 2021

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