Necessity of USB Port Encryption

Worried about computer data leakage without permission? Can you prevent others from reading or writing personal computer data on computer without permission? Private information or work data on the computer is unshared, it's personal. Encrypt all data on the computer to protect our privacy and protect our profession. It's one urgent task. EelPhone USB Port Encryption to encrypt USB port、website、program、device on the computer with password.

Necessity of USB Port Encryption

How to Encrypt USB Port on Computer

Four encryption types on Control Center: USB & CD Disk Lock, Website Lock, Program Lock, Device Lock, protect computer data in all aspects and in different method.

Effectiveness of EelPhone USB Port Encryption USB Port Encryption

Humanized Improvement

Feedback from quantity users, we have improved and improving the USB port locker.
Allow trusted whitelist devices to connect to computer via USB port.
Provide history usage of USB activity、allow access、 deny access and whitelist.

USB Port Encryption


USB Port Lock

USB Port Lock to Disable Connection to Computer

Website Lock

Lock website to Restrict Access to Special Sites

Program Lock

Lock Website to Restrict Programs on Computer

Devices Lock

Lock Devices to Disable Printer and Modem

Activity White List

Activity of Trusted Website

Allow Access

Allow Access History of USB Drive

Denny Access

Denny Access History of USB Drive

USB Activity

History of USB Drive Usage

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