1. Protection of intellectual property

The copyright and ownership of the software at Eelphone belongs to Eelphone Ltd. The software is protected by American law as copyright and the provisions of international treaties. The use of the marks is in line with the practice of the marks, including the name of the owner of the mark. The mark only can be used for the identification of the software product. The use of any trademark does not result in the possession of the right to use the mark. In the cases described above, this contract does not give you any intellectual property rights in the software.

2. Limitations

You can not:
(1 )Reverse engineer, disassemble, disassemble or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the software work program.
(2) Sell software without the written permission of EelPhone_ Ltd.
(3) Create derived products, including larger systems or additional programs and packages containing the system.
(4) Use and copy the icons, 1ogos or art work included in EelPhone without the authorization of EelPhone.
(5) Use the software in any image whatsoever to derogate in any way whatsoever from any natural or legal person.

3. Terms

As long as you use the software, the license agreement will remain valid unless it is terminated due to your non-compliance with the terms of the contract. Once the contract is complete, you must agree to destroy all copies of your software.

4. Limited warranty

EelPhone does not guarantee the performance of results that you may obtain through the use of the software or other related projects. EelPhone Corporation assumes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the non-infringement and appropriateness of third parties, the conduct of business and any special purpose. Without the verbal or written notice or advice given by EelPhone, its distributor, agent or employee will attest that EelPhone does not guarantee the security, loss of data or risks resulting from the use of the software on the Internet.

5. Limited Responsibility

EelPhone is not responsible for losses resulting from the use of the software, loss of profits from the use of the software, inability to use the software or other incidental or consequential losses. indirect, or the possibility of loss caused by the recommendation. EelPhone is not responsible for database losses caused by the entry of hackers.

6. Additional

The License Agreement is a complete statement and description. Prior to use in matters related to the subject matter of the agreement. If you have any questions about this contract, you can contact EelPhone.