Force Empty Trash Mac to Make Mac Faster

When we keep using Mac, we will continue creating data files on Mac, but not all useless files will be recycled. Everything will accumulate too much over time, and slowly take up too much storage space. Mac Optimizer can quickly scan unwanted data on Mac, force empty trash Mac with one click, and clear up space on Mac to make MacBook faster.
Mac Cleaner

Speed Up Mac in One Click

How to make Mac faster? Free up storage on Mac!

Uninstall Apps in One Click

Solve the difficulty that users cannot uninstall Mac App. EelPhone Mac Master can list all applications on Mac, which is exceptionally convenient to uninstall and delete Mac applications with one click, free up storage space, and track the trash leftover for deep cleaning.

Erase Private Data on Mac to Protection Privacy

Mac Cleaner


Clean Up Junk

Clean System/APP/Trash Bin/iTunes Junk

Delete large file

Delete Large files on Mac

Delete duplicate files

Delete Duplicate Files on Mac

Erase private data

Erase Private Data on Mac to Protect Privacy

Speed up Mac

Speed Up Mac to Make Mac Work Faster

Manage APP on Mac

Uninstall APPS on Mac With One Click

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