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Tips About How to Unlock FRP Lock

Alex Scott,  15 January, 2020
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FRP lock on Android phone, same as the activation lock on iOS device, you should enter Android account-Google account on Android phone to unlock FRP on Android phone. But when you forgot Google account and password, turn to FRP unlocker-EelPhone Google Account Removal, which is designed to unlock FRP lock on Android phone.

Different from Android screen lock-locked by password/pin/pattern/fingerprint, FRP lock is locked by Google account and password. Android screen locked can be unlocked by factory reset, but FRP lock starts after a factory reset if find my device on Android was enabled before factory reset. It's another way to prevent Android phone data from being used after being stolen. For an Android phone owner, it's safer when FRP lock is enabled on Android phone.

But, for Android phone owner, when they forgot FRP lock account and password, how can they unlock FRP? Google FRP unlock without Google account and password need the FRP unlocker-EelPhone Google Account Removal, but the limitation is the data loss after the FRP unlock.

Part 1: FRP Unlock Without One Penny

For Android phone owner, they can unlock FRP lock without losing data, just enter Google account and password to unlock FRP on Android phone. The FRP lock account is one Google account, which was set as the phone account, go to Settings, on the top of settings, it's Android phone account, click on it, and on the page, you can see one Google Gmail account, it's the FRP lock account.
FRP unlocker

Enter the Google account and password on the corresponding box, and click on sign in to unlock FRP lock.
In fact, when FRP lock appears on Android phone, all data on Android phone was erased, because it's an abnormal factory reset of Android phone make Android phone locked by FRP. After force factory reset on Android phone, all data was erased then. So when got the Android phone with FRP lock, the free and the quickest method to unlock FRP is original Google account and password.
So, it's better to find out the Google account and password, ask the owner or the seller to provide Google account and password, then paste the account and password to unlock FRP lock on Android phone. Or you have the receipt of Android phone, go to Android service to unlock FRP lock, but it depends on each Android phone service.

In the case that you forgot FRP lock account and password, the last hope is FRP unlock service. Try the last hope to Google FRP unlock-EelPhone Google Account Removal.

Part 2: FRP Unlock APK-EelPhone Google Account Removal

Fast unlocker FRP bypass APK-EelPhone Google Account Removal, without Google account and password, turn to the FRP unlocker.

Step 1: Free download FRP unlock tool-EelPhone Google Account Removal, make it work after the installation on computer, two feathers on EelPhone, click on Remove Google Lock feather to unlock FRP.
FRP Unlocker

Step 2: Warning on the interface, only the FRP locked phone can be linked to the computer, and the WIFI connection is necessary for the following steps. You should keep connection once FRP locked phone connected to the FRP unlocker. Then click on Next to switch to the next page.
FRP unlocker

Step 3: The removal will scan out detailed model information when FRP locked phone linked to the tool with success, if your phone is available on the tool, you can click on Start button to go on.

Step 4: Once clicked on the Start button, the FRP unlocker will send the instruction to your phone, so keep connection is very important.
FRP Unlocker

Step 5: Follow the guide on the FRP unlocker to download and install the apk on FRP locked phone, the apk is distinguished by the model information, so the correct model information is important.
FRP Unlocker

Step 6: Once the apk document was installed on your FRP locked phone, the FRP locked phone will jump to the settings interface, the guide on the unlocker is for PIN windows enabling.
FRP Unlocker

Step 7: At last, you'll be guided to set up one new pattern, restart FRP locked phone, the interface of the phone is pattern, use the new pattern to unlock FRP lock on the phone.
FRP Unlocker
FRP unlock

All steps will appear on the FRP unlocker and follow the guide on the FRP unlocker. It's easy to unlock FRP lock on Android phone. From all above, the quickest method is still Google account and password, part 2 is the last hope to unlock FRP on Android phone with ease.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 30 December, 2021

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