How to Unlock Android Phone Without Password

EelPhone author Alex Scott, 21 June, 2019


When we forgot Android phone password, we are locked out of Android and can't use the Android phone anymore, but we still have chance to get into a locked Android phone without password, recovery mode is one free way to unlock Android without password by force, but we'll lose all data in Android, Eelphone Android Unlock is the last method to unlock Android phone without pin without data loss.

All Android phone in market lock screen with pattern, PIN, password, and fingerprint, different Android phone have different screen lock type, but now, only old and second -hand Android phone use pattern and PIN to lock Android screen, most of us use password or fingerprint to lock our Android screen to make it safer of our property and information. But in the case, we forgot Android screen lock password or we got one second-hand Android phone, we no have the pattern or PIN, of course, can't lock Android with the fingerprint. The only chance to unlock Android phone without code is Eelphone Android Unlock, which will remove Android screen lock without data loss.

Whatever Android phone you have, Samsung / LG / Huawei / Xiaomi / Lenovo, etc, almost all Android phone in the market, Eelphone will unlock Android phone without password, and even no data loss for some Android models, and it's safe and effective with detailed guide and comprehensive security, no ads during the whole process make it quickly get into a locked Android phone without password.

Easiest Method about How to Unlock Android Without Password

For most of us, recovery mode or reset Android phone password is so complex for us, and so many factors can cause recovery failure, and also will lose all data in Android phone without coming back. If you want to get into locked Android phone in few time, Eelphone Android Unlock is the last method to unlock Android phone without password, which is suitable for Samsung/LG/Huawei/Xiaomi/Motorola/Sony, etc, all Android model can be unlocked.

Step 1: First of all, tap on Download icon above box to free download Eelphone Android Unlock, install it without hesitation, during the whole installation, no ads, no professional skill need. Launch it and from the home page, so many functions in Eelphone, but works in different fields, now, what we should tap on is Unlock, click on it immediately.
Android Unlock

Step 2: Plug locked Android phone to computer now, once the tool scan out the locked Android phone, the interface will appear to Start to inform that we should go on to unlock Android without code.
Start unlock Android phone

Step 3: Wait one second, then select Android model for locked Android phone, make sure that you have select the right Android phone model. If you can't find the Android device from the list above, click on “I can't find my device model from the list above” to get more Android model. Click on Next to switch to the next page.
Define device model

Step 4: This page will teach us to put locked Android phone into download mode with a detailed guide, follow the detailed guide to put it into download mode, in case full into failure, repeat the operation one more time.
Enter download mode

Step 5: The tool will download the recovery package automatically, what we should do is waiting.
Downloading recovery package

Step 6: Once downloaded recovery package, click on Remove Now to unlock Android phone without password, but we still should enter 000000 to confirm the Android phone screen removal.
Confirm unlocking Android

Give the last chance for the tool, wait until getting into locked Android without PIN/password/pattern/fingerprint. Samsung and LG Android phone can be unlocked without password and without data loss, but another Android phone will lose data after a removed screen lock.
Get into locked Android phone

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 28 August, 2019