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How to Unlock a Samsung Tablet Without Password

Alex Scott,  06 September, 2019
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How to unlock Samsung Tablet screen without passcode? Factory reset Samsung Tablet to erase all settings and data in Samsung Tablet or Find My Mobile of Samsung Tablet will unlock Samsung Tablet with Samsung account. And the easiest method-EelPhone Android Unlock, which can unlock Samsung Tablet without password and without losing data.

“ How do I unlock a Samsung Tablet 3 home screen, I forgot the tablet password, and I don't want to use factory reset method to unlock the table, how to unlock my Samsung Tablet without losing data? ”
It's one helper from famous forum tomsguide, and he knows that the factor reset of Samsung Tablet will erase all data in the table, but we still have other methods.

Method 1: How to Unlock a Samsung Tablet for Free Without Losing Data

For almost all Samsung users, they would like to register one Samsung account on Find My Mobile, it's one perfect tool for Samsung users, Find My Mobile allows you to locate, lock and/or wipe your device remotely, and we can sync Samsung Tablet data to Find My Mobile, retrieve calls and messages from Find My Mobile, all in one, it's one essential tool for all Samsung users. Come back to purpose, we can also unlock Samsung Tablet from Find My Mobile.

Step 1: When we forgot the Samsung Tablet lock type (Pattern, Pin, Password and Biometrics), go to Find My Mobile website, if asked, enter the email account and password to sign in Find My Mobile.

Step 2: Once signed in to Find My Mobile, appears to locate my mobile page, from the left side, if synced several Samsung device, select the right Samsung Tablet we need to unlock, from the right side, appears the location of locked Samsung Tablet.
Unlock Samsung Tablet password

Step 3: From the Samsung Tablet location, all feathers of Find My Mobile are here, ring Samsung device, lock Samsung device, erase data on Samsung device, backup Samsung data, retrieve calls and messages on Samsung device, etc, click on Unlock feather.
Unlock Samsung Tablet

Step 4: When pops one window, we should click on Unlock again to confirm the Samsung Tablet unlock.
Confirm Unlock of Samsung Tablet

Step 5: During the unlock process, when asked to enter the email and password, just enter the correct email and password.
Enter email account password

Step 6: It takes a few minutes to unlock Samsung Tablet, Samsung Tablet screen lock was deleted, and we can get into Samsung Tablet without Pattern, Pin, Password and Biometrics.
Unlocked Samsung Tablet

It's the steps to unlock Samsung Tablet without passcode and without losing data for free, if has account in Find My Mobile, use this method.

Method 2: How to Unlock Samsung Tablet Screen for Free But All Data Loss

If we no have Find My Mobile account, or we also forgot the Find My Mobile account and password, factory reset Samsung Tablet, it's the freeway to unlock Samsung Tablet, the shortage of this method is the data loss after the unlocking of Samsung Tablet. Of course, not more for factory reset on Samsung device with password, Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory data reset, without password, we should perform a factory reset with buttons.

Step 1: First of all, power off Samsung Tablet, power off, not make it sleep.
Step 2: Volume UP+Home+Power, hold on the three buttons at the same time and release the Power button once the Samsung Tablet shocked. Release the power button only.
Step 3: Once appeared a menu on the Samsung Tablet, release the volume up and home button. And use the volume down button to select Delete all user data from the menu, press on the power button to confirm selection.
Step 4: And use the power button also to confirm the Delete all user data, at last, select the reboot option to finish the process of factory reset of Samsung Tablet.

This is another method to locked out of Samsung Tablet without password, but data loss. Moreover, if have Google account on Samsung Tablet, during the factory reset process, when asked, enter the Google account and the password.

Method 3: Locked Out of Samsung Tablet Without Password and Without Losing Data

For Samsung Tablet user, forgot screen password, and not sync Samsung Tablet to Find My Mobile or forgot also Find My Mobile account and password. Or don't want to lose all data in Samsung Tablet because of the factory reset method, EelPhone Android Unlock, which will remove Samsung Tablet screen password without password and without losing data. Focus on the guide below to unlock Samsung Tablet without password.

Step 1: Free download EelPhone Android Unlock to our computer. Click on the Remove Screen Lock to unlock Samsung Tablet screen lock.
Samsung Tablet unlock

Step 2: Connect locked Samsung Tablet to the tool via USB cable, and then click on Start to let the unlocker scan Samsung Tablet. Read the Notes on the interface, if you can recept the notes, click on the Start button to go on.
Connect Samsung Tablet and Start

Step 3: After started, the removal will unlock the Samsung tablet automatically, what you should do is keep connection during the whole process.
Samsung Tablet model confirm

Step 4: In a few minutes, Samsung Tablet unlocked without any data loss, and the Pattern, Pin, Password, or Biometrics of Samsung Tablet was removed, we can get into Samsung Tablet without limitation. Choose one most suitable method to unlock Samsung Tablet without password.
Unlock Samsung Tablet

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 03 November, 2020

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