What to Do When iPhone Screen Went Black

EelPhone author Alex Scott, 24 July, 2019


iPhone XS / XS Max / XR / X / 8/ 7 / 6s / 6 / 5s / 5c / 4S / 4 just went black but still on, what we should do at first is force restart black iPhone, if not working, Eelphone iOS System Recovery will fix iPhone black screen in steps, and most important, no data loss after fixing iPhone black screen.

A black screen is usually caused by a hardware problem when we open so many apps at the same time on iPhone or when we use the function of APP so quickly, the hardware can't react quickly as you are. The iPhone goes black, and we reset iPhone by tapping on the power key. We can force reset iPhone to restart black screen iPhone, and we can also use Eelphone iOS System Recovery to fix black screen iPhone in clicks without data loss.

Part 1: Hard Reset Black Screen Once iPhone Turned to Black Screen

When the iPhone went black, take a quick action to fix iPhone black screen, hard reset iPhone to get iPhone out of black screen.
Press and hold Power and Home button at the same time around 10 seconds, and release all until Apple logo appears.
We have fixed black screen iPhone once apple logo appeared. But if we can't see apple logo even after so long time. We can't use this method to fix iPhone black screen. Turn to the second method to fix iPhone black screen

Part 2: How to Fix iPhone Black Screen Without Data Loss in Clicks

Eelphone iOS System Recovery is the tool to fix iPhone system problems, stuck on Apple logo, stuck in Recovery Mode, bricked iPhone, etc, almost all iOS system problem. What's more important, without data loss after the fixing. And gonna the detailed guide to fix iPhone black screen.

Step 1: Free download Eelphone iOS System Recovery on our Window or Mac by tapping on Download icon above. And launch it after the installation without hesitation. From the interface on Eelphone, several functions on Eelphone, and just click on iOS System Recovery to start fix iPhone black screen.
Fix iPhone black screen

Step 2: From the next page, we can see all iOS problems the fixer can fix, and we should also read the notice carefully before clicking on Start.
The iOS will update to the latest version.
The network will be-locked during the whole process of fixing.
The iPhone will turn to non-jailbroken after the fix.
Notice before fixing black screen

Step 3: Connect black screen iPhone to computer, once connected to the tool, the tool will detect the iPhone automatically and will scan out your iPhone model device. Click on Repair to start fix iPhone black screen.
Check iPhone model

And just wait during the process of fixing iPhone black screen. And it takes a few time to fix iPhone black screen. And without any data loss after the fixing process. It's the best and effective way to fix iPhone black screen with Eelphone iOS System Recovery.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 28 August, 2019