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Free Tips-How to Fix a Frozen iPad

Alex Scott,  28 February, 2020
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Mostly, iPad frozen on apple logo when we restore it or when we update iOS version on iPad, it frozen and can't turn off or turn on. how to restart iPad when frozen? Press on power button to force restart it, or use iTunes to reset it with losing data on iPad, but EelPhone OSFixit fix an iPad that is frozen without losing data in clicks.

“It's two days ago, I was playing game on iPad, and suddenly, the iPad frozen, and I can't swipe frozen iPad screen by tapping on the Home button, and won't turn off either, my iPad is frozen and wont turn off, how to fix it?”

It's only one situation that iPad frozen. And iPad frozen and wont turn off when we update iOS version, iPad frozen on apple screen when we restore iPad from iTunes or put iPad into recovery mode. what to do when your iPad freezes? We can try all tips below one by one.

Part 1: Why My iPad Screen is Frozen

We're curious that why iPad is frozen, no water damage, no drop, without indication, iPad screen frozen, why my iPad screen is frozen?

Shortage of iPad Storage
Part of app need big storage to work, that' why when we playing game, iPad frozen because of the shortage of storage, make sure enough storage on iPad, backup iPad photos to iCloud or iTunes regularly, then we can delete backed photos on iPad to free up more storage, or use the tool to erase part of useless data on iPad to make more storage for iPad.

iOS Version
New iOS version aims to fix the bug of old iOS version and make idevice works smoothly with the development of technology, so if new iOS version was released, update iPad version to the latest version, prevent iPad from being frozen because of old iOS version.

Operation on iPad in High-Speed
Open so many apps or iPad feathers at the same time, and operate it too quick to take a response, iPad frozen on one screen and can't move, mostly, wait a moment, then try to touch on it.

Dropped iPad, water damaged, so old of your iPad, hardware damage or hardware tear, too old to work, iPad frozen, it's time to get one new iPad.

App Incompatible with iPad
When getting one app from app store, launch it but iPad frozen, make sure that the app can work on iPad, not all app can work well on iPad, considering before downloading one new app from app store.

Whichever the causing of iPad frozen, we should take action to fix iPad that is frozen, EelPhone OSFixit can repair iPad frozen screen with clicks and without losing data, and also we have free tips to fix iPad mini/pro frozen.

Part 2: How to Fix a Frozen iPad With Clicks Without Losing Data

We put EelPhone OSFixit tool in the first to fix iPad frozen, it's effective, and easy, a total guide on the tool.

Step 1: Free download EelPhone OSFixit on computer, launch it after the installation, from the tool three feathers, the last feather to make iPad exit/enter recovery mode is free service. Fix iPad frozen screen from the first feather-Standard Mode, which can fix iOS system problems without losing data. Advanced mode works to fix serious iOS system problems, if standard mode can't fix frozen iPad, turn to advanced mode to fix it.
How to fix a frozen iPad

Step 2: Connect iPad to computer via USB cable, if the tool can detect the frozen iPad automatically, iPad model information will appears on the tool, if the iPad can't be detected by iPad, put iPad into recovery mode, the guide on tool will guide us put iPad into recovery mode, and the model information will appear on the tool then.
How to fix a frozen iPad

Step 3: Just wait during the tool download firmware data package, we should also unpack firmware data to frozen iPad, then click on Repair Now to fix frozen iPad screen without losing data then.
How to fix a frozen iPad

Standard mode can fix iPad frozen without losing data, it can fix almost all iOS system problems with clicks.

Part 3: How to Reset Frozen iPad for Free in Different Tips

Different from part 2, in this part, we list all possibles tips to fix iPad frozen on apple for free.

How to Restart iPad When Frozen
Restart frozen iPad is the first step to fix frozen iPad, press on the power button for several second to restart frozen iPad, check if the iPad can restart as usual.

How to Reset Frozen iPad
Hold on the Power button and the Home button at the same time, and release those two buttons when Apple logo appears on the screen.
Without Home button, press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Then press and quickly release the Volume Down button. At last press and hold the Power button until the device restarts.

Restore iPad from iTunes
It works when iPad appears in iTunes once connected to computer, connect frozen iPad to computer, then launch iTunes on computer, from Summary, find out frozen iPad, and Click on Restore iPad button, enter the password to confirm the restoration, just wait during the restoration.
How to fix a frozen iPad

Force factory Reset Frozen iPad
Connect iPad to computer, and then hold on Home and Power buttons at the same time, when Apple logo appears on iPad, release two buttons.
Locate iPad on iTunes or finder, when pops the window, click on Update to fix frozen iPad without losing data, if it doesn't work, click on Restore to fix frozen iPad with losing all data.
How to fix a frozen iPad

All tips to fix iPad frozen won't turn off, use the free method at first, if doesn't work, turn to the tool at last, or if you don't want to lose data, use the EelPhone OSFixit directly.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 30 December, 2021

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