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How to Fix iPod Black Screen

Alex Scott,  12 July, 2021
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iPod screen black and wont turn on after charging a few minutes. Use EelPhone OSFixit to fix iPod screen black issue without loss data with the the standard mode.

iPod is the music player, with the update of the iPod generation, more and more features are available on your iPod: play music, play games, share messages with iDevice users, face time, app store, etc. It's one mini mobile phone to link to the world with the mini device. Same as all apple product, iPod uses the iOS system, iPod has also iOS system problems.

iPod touch black and white screen, you can play music even when the iPod screen black or white or the iPod touch went black screen and death, you can't play music on iPod any more. It's better to fix iPod black screen of death with EelPhone OSFixit without losing data if the standard mode works.

Part 1: Why Did My iPod Go Black

iPod roles as the a music player for iPod users, other available features are decorations for iPod. It's portable for runners. But why your iPod went black suddenly?

Battery Ran Out
The music stopped and won't turn on with the black screen suddenly, plug iPod to the charger to charge the black screen iPod to make sure it's not the problem of the battery. In the case that the iPod turn on after a few minutes of charging, it means that you've run out of the battery of the iPod. Don't forget to charge your iPod once received the notice that the battery is going to run off.

Storage Ran Out
It's limited to the iPod storage, don't download so many apps or audiOS to iPod local storage. Even through the iPod advertised that you can play games on iPod, it's only an advertisement. iPod goes slower and slower in the situation that you always play games in iPod. It's better to free up enough space for iPod to play music fluently.

Update Issue
iPod doesn't update to the latest iOS version after a few times of updating notice, or after updating to the latest iOS version, the iPod went black and won't turn on. For the iOS update issue, only the EelPhone OSFixit can fix it.

Life Ran Out
iPod is too old to play the music normally, it's time to update your iPod to the latest iPod generation, or take it to the apple service to fix the hardware damage or replace new one.

iPod Crashed
It's rare but possible. The iPod crashed by the network virus that you've clicked the link or downloaded the app coming with the network virus. The strange link or the unknown app are forbidden for all mobile users.

Hardware Damage
Dropped or submerged your iPod, for the hardware damage for all devices, what you can do is get a new one or take it to the service to repair it with the help of a professional person and tools.

For iPod system issues, use the suitable method to fix black iPod from the second part.

Part 2: How to Fix iPod 5 Black Screen Without Losing Data

You've downloaded so many playlists to your iPod, the audios in your iPod is important, use EelPhone OSFixit directly which provides the possibility to fix iPod touch 4 black screen without data loss at last.

Step 1: Download EelPhone OSFixit to computer, download the right version according to your PC operation. From the home interface of OSFixit, the Standard Mode is the way to fix iPod black screen without losing data.
iPod Touch Black Screen-Fixed

Note: Another mode- advanced mode on the interface, for serious system issue of your iPod and the standard mode doesn't work to fix iPod black screen.

Step 2: Link iPod to computer using the USB cable. Check the iOS version of your iPod and then tap on Start button to download the related iPSW data package.
iPod Touch Black Screen-Fixed

Step 3: The tool will download the corresponding iPSW data package to fix iPod black screen without losing data.
iPod Touch Black Screen-Fixed

Step 4: Tap on Repair Now when the iPSW data package was unpacked. Don't disconnect iPod during the whole process. With several clicks, you can fix iPod black screen without losing data.
iPod Touch Black Screen-Fixed

The advanced mode works 100% if the standard mode doesn't work, but the advanced mode will erase all data in iPod.

For black screen iPod, it's hard to put it into recovery mode to restore from iTunes. Hold on the Home and the Power button at the same time to put iPod into recovery mode, then link iPod to the computer where you installed the iTunes, when popping up the notice on the computer, tap on Restore to restore iPod from black screen and update iPod system to the latest one. Restore from the iTunes backup file to get back lost data. Otherwise, EelPhone OSFixit is the best way to fix iPod black screen, which provides the hope to fix iPod black screen without losing data.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 10 August, 2021

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