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Apple TV Frozen-How to Fix It Without Data Loss?

Alex Scott,  25 May, 2020
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Apple TV always freezes on one screen and not responding to Apple TV remote. If you can't unfreeze your Apple TV after unplug and restart it, you should get one further solution from this article.

“My Apple TV 4th generation is frozen on TV app even after restarting - it will airplay from phone but that is about it. Even unplugged everything and it's still frozen, how do I unfreeze my Apple TV?” same as iDevice, Apple TV runs TVOS system, and you will get many issues when you use Apple TV, Apple TV keeps freezing or Apple TV frozen are two common issues.

Apple TV frozen on TV app, frozen on start screen, frozen on film you're watching, or other screen that you can't make it work with Apple TV remote, get solution from article below.

Part 1: Why Does Apple TV Freeze Up

Apple TV released 4 generations till now, but the Apple TV issues don't stop, why even the 4th Apple TV freeze up? It's the newest Apple TV version, but it freezes as other generations. You should know the reason for frozen Apple TV, then you can stop your Apple TV from freezing.

Obstacle Between Remote and Apple TV
If there is an obstacle between the remote and Apple TV, you can't use the remote to control Apple TV, Apple TV not responding to the remote. So you should clear up the path between remote and Apple TV, or move closer to Apple TV.

Update TVOS Automatically
If you have turned on Automatic Updates feather on Apple TV settings, the Apple TV will update to the latest TVOS once the new TVOS has released, it's a big cause of frozen Apple TV. When Apple TV is playing video, automatic TVOS updates will make Apple TV freeze, or make Apple TV freeze on the updating screen and can't restore. So if you can access Apple TV settings during the Apple TV keeps freezing space, go to Settings>General>Software Update>Automatic Updates, turn it off. If you can't access settings, turn it off after the fixing.

Poor Network
The poor network makes Apple TV frozen when you're watching video, check the ethernet port on the Apple TV, make sure that you have plugged the net cable into the ethernet port firmly.

No Power of Apple TV Remote
Apple TV frozen on one screen, and can't control the Apple TV with remote, you can check the power on Apple TV remote, replace the power coin on the remote or charge the remote via USB-c cable, then check if you can unfreeze Apple TV by tapping on the MENU or the Apple TV app button on the remote.

Apple TV Unpaired
You should pair the Apple TV remote with Apple TV, then you can control Apple TV by the remote. If Apple TV isn't responsive to the remote, hold on to the MENU+Apple TV app for several seconds, it's better to put the remote on the top of the Apple TV to pair the remote to Apple TV. Then tap on the menu button to wake up frozen Apple TV.

TVOS System Problem
If the connection between Apple TV and remote, Apple TV and television, and the remote is normal, it's TVOS system problem, you should turn to EelPhone OSFixit to fix frozen Apple TV, or between the interval when Apple TV keeps freezing, go to Apple TV settings to reset Apple TV. Then restart Apple TV from settings to check if it can fix frozen Apple TV.

Part 2: How to Fix Frozen Apple TV Without Losing Data-EelPhone OSFixit

EelPhone OSFixit is designed to fix TVOS system issues, and the standard mode of EelPhone OSFixit can fix frozen Apple TV without losing data and it's easier and more effective than other tips.

Step 1: Download and install EelPhone OSFixit on computer, from the home page of EelPhone, click on Standard Mode to fix frozen Apple TV without losing data.
Apple TV frozen

Step 2: Connect Apple TV to computer via HDMI cable, plug HDMI to computer HDMI port, the tool will scan Apple TV TVOS automatically once Apple TV been linked to the tool.
Apple TV frozen

Note: If Apple TV can't pair to the tool automatically, from the guide on the tool, you can link Apple TV to the tool by manual.
Apple TV frozen

Step 3: Check the TVOS on the tool, the tool will download the iPSW package according to the TVOS version, click on Start to download and unpack the data package.
Apple TV frozen

Step 4: When the tool is downloading and unpacking iPSW data package, keep the connection between Apple TV and computer.
Apple TV frozen

Click on Repair Now to fix frozen Apple TV, after a few minutes, you can repair frozen Apple TV with success. In the case that the standard mode can't fix frozen Apple TV, turn to Advanced Mode to fix it, the guide is totally same as the standard mode.
Apple TV frozen

Recheck the statue of Apple TV at first, and try all tips on the part 1, if doesn't work, turn to EelPhone OSFixit to fix Apple TV freezes without losing data.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 11 May, 2021

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