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How to Fix iPhone Keeps Crashing

Alex Scott,  07 August, 2020
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iPhone keeps crashing, and you can't use the app as normal. It's the problem of iPhone system. Force restart iPhone immediately, or you can try to restore from iTunes or iCloud but losing data. EelPhone OSFixit is the professional tool to fix iPhone keep crashing without losing.

“When I was using my iPhone, it crashes, it doesn't work even after the force restart, why do my iPhone keep crashing? It's the problem of the iPhone system? How can I fix it?”

It's one normal phenomenon of iPhone system problem, iPhone crashed when updating iOS system or iPhone crashed when you have downloaded one new app which doesn't match to iOS system, iPhone crashed because of unknown app.

Take a quick action to fix crashing iPhone at first, power off crashed iPhone immediately by pressing on the power button, after a few minutes, turn it on, check crashed iPhone is normal or not. But mostly, you can't fix crashed iPhone by power it off, in contrast all data on iPhone will be erased. Have a look at the tips below to fix crashed iPhone in different ways.

Tip 1: How to Stop iPhone from Crashing Without Losing Data-EelPhone OSFixit

It's only one method to fix iPhone system issue without losing data-the standard mode on the tool. So first of all, use the standard mode on the tool to fix crashing iPhone, and the easy steps below make it stand out.

Step 1: Free download EelPhone OSFixit on computer, make it work after the installation. From the interface of the tool, click on Standard Mode at first.
iPhone keeps crashing

Step 2: Connect the crashed iPhone to computer via USB cable, once connected to the tool, the iPhone model information will appear, check the model information and click on Start button.
iPhone keeps crashing

Note: Mostly the crashed iPhone can be detected by the tool automatically, but in the case that the crashed iPhone can be linked to the tool with success, please follow the guide on the tool to link crashed iPhone to the tool manually.
iPhone keeps crashing

Step 3: Once checked the crashed model info, and clicked on the Start button, the tool will download and unpack the iPSW data package automatically, during the process, just keep connection.
iPhone keeps crashing

Step 4: iPSW unpacked, click on Repair Now to fix iPhone crashing issue without losing data. Disconnection of the iPhone will make the failure of the repairing process.
iPhone keeps crashing

The whole process takes only three clicks, if the standard mode can't fix the crashed iPhone either, turn to the advanced mode instead with three steps also.

Tip 2: Restore from iTunes to Fix Crashing iPhone

Data loss after restoring from iTunes, and make sure that your crashed iPhone can be scanned out by the iTunes. During the process, enter the password if asked. It's one method with low probability of success.

Connect crashed iPhone to computer via USB cable, and launch the iTunes on computer at the same time. If you're asked to enter the password on iPhone, just do it if you can access iPhone and enter the passcode.
From the Summary on iTunes, click on Restore iPhone button, the iTunes will start reset your crashed iPhone. Keep connection during the whole process.
iPhone keeps crashing

It's two different tips to fix crashing iPhone, you can also use the erase feature on iCloud, it's also the tip to fix crashed iPhone but with all data loss. And will make iPhone locked by activation lock after the erasing process. You can also take the crashed iPhone to the apple service, where can fix iPhone system issues same as the tips above. Get the suitable tip to stop iPhone from crashing.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 30 December, 2021

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