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Why Does My iPad Keep Crashing

Alex Scott,  24 January, 2022
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iPad keeps crashing, you couldn't use iPad. It's better to fix crashing iPad with all tips below one by one. The free tips or the iPad repair tool-EelPhone OSFixit, which can fix iPad keeps crashing without losing data are available ways to fix crashing iPad.

“I dropped my iPad Pro on Friday, the glass cracked on the corner and shattered the screen, now when I turn it on it keeps crashing cutting off and cutting back on just to crash again. I tried to do a full reset, shut off shut on, nothing works can you please advice.”-from Apple Communities.

iPad keeps crashing comes with the features like iPad turns on and turns off constantly/iPad keeps frozen or stuck on Apple logo/ iPad keeps flashing/iPad keeps crashing to the home screen, etc.

You can make use of the gap of the crashing to fix iPad with the buttons. When you couldn't access iPad when iPad keeps crashing, there are many available tips to fix iPad keeps crashing. According to the iPad crashing degree, choose the best tip to fix iPad keeps crashing effectively.

Part 1: Why Does My iPad Keep Crashing

As we have presented the question from Apple community above, the external force damage like dropping will make iPad crashing also, but the external force damage usually make iPad keeps powering on and powering off constantly. It's the hardware damage for iPad-the iPad parts loose and the components damage are two main causes of iPad crashing.

However, mostly, iPad keeps crashing and won't stop, it's the software issue of iOS system. why iPad apps keep crashing because of software damage? The crack from hacker, the software bug, the full storage make iPad crash, inappropriate operations on iPad.

why does my iPad keep crashing to the home screen? The hardware damage or software damage will make iPad keep crashing and won't stop. What you should do is find out the effective methods to fix iPad keeps crashing effectively.

Part 2: How to Fix iPad Keeps Crashing

According to the reflection of iPad crashing, take possession of the most suitable way to fix iPad keeps crashing.

Power off iPad

iPad keeps crashing, you can't use iPad normally, hold the power button to power down iPad. After a few seconds, iPad turns off, don't hurry, turn it on after one minute. When iPad restarts and won't crash, iPad system issue was fixed, you can use it as you like.

Reset iPad from Settings

iPad keeps crashing, but you can still access your iPad by making use of the gap of the crashing time, when the time is enough to reset iPad from iPad settings, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Data and Settings, enter iPad passcode to reset crashing iPad. The iPad crashing gap is too short to access iPad settings, you can't reset iPad from settings.

Restore from iTunes

There are several ways to reset iPad, link iPad to pc. When iPad can link to iTunes with success, from the Summary interface of iTunes, locate the Restore iPad button to restore iPad from iTunes. All data and settings will be erased, iPad will restart automatically after the restoration process. However that you should unlock iPad and trust computer to link iPad to iTunes, it's difficult to connect iPad to iTunes when your iPad keeps crashing.

Remove Battery from iPad

on the assumption that you have the professional tools to remove iPad battery, you can try to use it to remove battery from iPad. But we don't recommend this way to fix iPad keeps crashing issue-which may damage iPad hardwareand make iPad useless.

Put iPad into Recovery Mode

Why we can use the iPad recovery mode to fix iPad keeps crashing? When you can't link iPad to iTunes by unlocking iPad, you can put iPad into recovery mode to link iPad to iTunes by force. Hold the power and the Home button(volume down button when iPad no have home button) at the same time, release two buttons when “Connect to iTunes” logo appears on iPad, link iPad to pc. Tap on the Restore button from the notice popping from PC.

EelPhone OSFixit to Fix Crashing iPad Without Losing Data

Whichever free tips you use from all tips above, when all data on iPad was swiped, you can restore from backup file later. The erased data on iPad wasn't backed up in advance, you can't get back lost data after iPad having been fixed. The OSFixit helps to save all data on iPad and fixes crashing iPad with clicks. Follow the steps below to fix iPad keeps crashing without data loss.

Step 1: Download EelPhone OSFixit to pc. From the first interface of the tool, only the Standard Mode can fix crashing iPad without losing data. You should tap on the Standard Mode to fix iPad keeps crashing issue at the first of all.
iPad Keeps Crashing

Step 2: Find out the USB cable, link iPad to the pc. It's almost automatic to link iPad to OSFixit. In the case that your iPad won't link to OSFixit automatic, the detailed guide on the tool make it easy to connect iPad to OSFixit.
iPad Keeps Crashing

Step 3: It's the step to choose the iOS version from the list, the OSFixit will download the iPSW data package according to the iOS version you've selected to fix crashing iPad.
iPad Keeps Crashing

Step 4: What you can do is wait when the tool is downloading and unpacking iPSW data package. Once the iPSW data firmware is ready, tap on the Repair Now button to fix crashing iPad without losing data.
iPad Keeps Crashing

The standard mode is the lat way to fix iPad keeps crashing issue without erasing any data on iPad. The standard mode can't fix crashing iPad, turn to the advanced mode on the home interface, which can fix almost all iOS system issues, the only shortage of it is the data loss after the process.

iPad crashing 2022, apart from the free tips, EelPhone OSFixit may be the best way to fix iPad keeps crashing.

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