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How to Fix New iPhone Stuck on Software Update

Alex Scott,  16 June, 2021
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iPhone stuck on update bar and won't restore after long time. iPhone screen frozen and won't turn on. The power button doesn't work to force restart iPhone, use EelPhone OSFixit to fix iPhone stuck on software update issue without losing data with clicks.

Apple releases a new software version when they create a new function or they find out the bug of the old iOS software version. When Apple released a new software version, Apple will push the notice to all apple products to remind apple users to update apple software to the latest version.

Don't ignore the notice of iPhone software update, it may solve the old version bug or it comes with the new function. Tapping on Update Now to update iPhone to the latest software version at once, or you can go to Setting>General>Software Update to update to the latest iOS software version.

Your iPhone should be linked to the WIFI or other available network before updating iPhone software. The latest iPhone software version will appear and tap on Download and Install to download the latest iOS software version. Before updating iPhone software, check the new function of the new iPhone software version on the interface, if you think the new software version is useless, you can bypass this new iPhone software version and use the old one. When pop-up the notice of the software update, just bypass it.

The click on Download and Install button will make your iPhone update to the latest iOS system version, iPhone will download the new iPhone software and install the software automatically, the WIFI connection and enough power are two necessary options for the software updating. iPhone will restart when update completes, enter iPhone screen lock password to start using iPhone as usual.

It failed to update iPhone software system and iPhone software update stuck on the updating screen and won't turn on, iPhone screen not working, at the same time, you can't force restart iPhone by holding on the power button for a few minutes. EelPhone OSFixit should one best choice after a few attempts.

Method 1: Fix iPhone Stuck on Update Screen Without Losing Data via EelPhone OSFixit

what should I do if my iPhone freezes while updating? iPhone won't restore from new software and frozen, all data and settings in iPhone are important and you don't want to lose it, use EelPhone OSFixit to fix iPhone update frozen issue without losing data.

Step 1: EelPhone OSFixit is one app you should download and install on computer, download the tool to the computer according to the computer version. From the interface of the EelPhone OSFixit, several available features, but what you need is Standard Mode, tap on it.
iPhone software update stuck

Note: You'll see the Standard Mode and the Advanced Mode, the standard mode can fix iOS system issues without losing data, for serious iOS system problems, after a few attempts with standard mode but doesn't work, turn to advanced mode to fix serious system issue, it works but will erase all data in your iDevice.

Step 2: Plug the new iPhone software update stuck to the computer via the original USB cable, the tool will scan out the iPhone automatically.
iPhone software update stuck

Step 3: With the help of the iPSW data package, the standard mode can fix iPhone 11 stuck on update screen without losing data, but you should check the iOS version on the interface to download the correct iPSW related to the iOS version.
iPhone software update stuck

Step 4: It's automatic to download and unpack the iPSW data package, what you should do is keeping the connection, tap on Repair Now when the iPSW data package was unpacked.
iPhone software update stuck

It's the last click on the EelPhone OSFixit, after the repair process, iPhone will restart automatically, enter iPhone screen lock password to enter iPhone normally and the iPhone software will be updated to the latest version also. By chance that the standard mode can't fix iPhone stuck on update screen with success, don't forget the advanced mode, which can repair almost all iOS system issue.

Method 2: Free Tips to Fix iPhone Frozen During Update

The EelPhone OSFixit is effective but it's one charged tool, if the data in iPhone is useless, you can try tips below to fix iPhone stuck on software update for free.

Restore from iTunes
ITunes has the function to restore iPhone to the latest iOS software version but will erase all data in iPhone. If the data in iPhone isn't important, try to restore it from iTunes.
iPhone software update stuck

Link iPhone to the computer where installed the iTunes. Launch iTunes when iPhone linked to the computer. If the iPhone stuck on update screen can appear on iTunes no need for the operation on iPhone, congratulation, you've linked the iPhone with update screen stuck successfully. From Summary in iTunes, tap on Restore button to restore iPhone to the latest version.

It's one easy method to fix new iPhone stuck on software update process and won't turn on issue for free. If iPhone doesn't come out in iTunes, turn to the next free tip.

Put iPhone Into Recovery Mode
If your iPhone can't be linked to iTunes without unlocking iPhone screen, put iPhone into recovery mode according to different iPhone versions with the help of the buttons on the iPhone. When the connect to iTunes or connect to mac icon appears on iPhone, connect iPhone to the computer, the iTunes or the Finder will launch automatically, tap on the Restore button to update iPhone to the latest version
iPhone software update stuck

Note: It's hard to get into recovery mode when iPhone stuck on update screen because you should power off iPhone before putting iPhone into recovery mode.

Choose the most effective method to fix iPhone frozen during update issue from the article above.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 16 June, 2021

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