How to Fix a Bricked iPhone Effectively

EelPhone author Alex Scott, 11 September, 2020


How to unbrick iPhone without iTunes? If you want to fix a bricked iPhone without restoring, you should turn o EelPhone OSFixit to unbrick iPhone without losing data if standard mode can fix it, if standard mode doesn't work, advanced mode will fix iPhone brick issue effectively.

“iOS 13 new version released, I was asked to update my iPhone iOS version to the latest one, according to the guide on iPhone, i updated iPhone version to the latest one, but iPhone bricked after update iOS 13, i don't want to jailbreak bricked iPhone, how to fix a bricked iPhone without losing data? ”

Bricked iPhone doesn't work and won't respond when you tap on any button on iPhone. You have many ways to fix a bricked iPhone: jailbreak bricked iPhone, unbrick iPhone by restoring from iTunes, using EelPhone OSFixit to unbrick iPhone without losing data with standard mode.

Bricked iPhone jailbreak will make iPhone lose some features like phone call and cellular, now apple users wouldn't like to jailbreak bricked iPhone, because they have better choice than jailbreak, they can restore from iTunes if bricked iPhone can connect to iTunes, or they can use EelPhone OSFixit, with which they can fix a bricked iPhone 4/5/6/7/8/x without losing data, standard mode is the last chance to unbrick iPhone without restoring. Choose the way to unlock bricked iPhone from article below.

Part 1: What Does Brick your iPhone Mean

“iOS update bricked my phone”, it's one cause of bricked iPhone. When iOS released new iOS version, part of apple users will get one bricked iPhone after iOS system update, it's the problem of iOS version, that's iOS system problem, can't match your existing iPhone status.

But when your iPhone was hacked by someone, your iPhone bricked because of some network virus. It's attack on purpose along with messages or app, you should check before opening unknown messages or app.

Shortage of storage will make iPhone bricked also if you run so many apps at the same time. Backup iPhone data to iTunes, delete useless data in iPhone regularly, enough space in iPhone make it run faster and less system problems.

Part 2: How to Unbrick my iPhone Without Losing Data

But when iPhone was bricked, EelPhone OSFixit is the best way which has the chance to repair bricked iPhone without losing data with the standard mode on the tool.

Step 1: Download EelPhone OSFixit on computer, from the home page of the tool, click on Standard Mode to unbrick iPhone without losing data.
How to unbrick iPhone

Step 2: Connect bricked iPhone to computer vis USB cable, the tool will detect the bricked iPhone automatically, or you shouldfollow the guide on the tool to link bricked iPhone to the tool manually. The tool will present the bricked iPhone model information once it linked to the tool with success. Click on Start button to fix bricked iPhone without losing data.
How to unbrick iPhone

Step 3: When the tool is downloading iPSW data package, just keep connection, after the downloading, the tool will unpack iPSW data pacakage automatically.
How to unbrick iPhone

Step 4: Click on Repair Now after the unpacking of the data package, just wait.
How to unbrick iPhone

It takes a few minutes to unbrick iPhone, be patient and keep connection. If standard mode can't fix your bricked iPhone, it means that your iPhone was damaged severely, you should use advanced mode on the tool to fix your bricked iPhone one more time, the steps are totally same as the standard mode.

Part 3: How to Unlock a Bricked iPhone by Restoring from iTunes

All data loss after the restoring process, and it's hard to link bricked iPhone to iTunes because of the system damage.

Hold on the power and home buttons at the same time, when connect to iTunes logo appears on bricked iPhone, connect iPhone to computer, locate iPhone on iTunes or finder, click on Restore to restore bricked iPhone.
How to unbrick iPhone

If it failed, you can try one more time, data loss after the process, set up iPhone, but we don't recommend this way to repair bricked iPhone, you can try the standard mode at first to check if your bricked iPhone can be fixed without losing data.