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How to Unlock Lenovo Tablet Without Password

Alex Scott,  03 August, 2020
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If you want to unlock Lenovo tablet pattern lock without losing data, the only way is the original pattern/password, or you have backed up Lenovo tablet data in advance, without password, EelPhone DelPassCode For Android is the tool which can unlock your Lenovo tablet if you forgot your Lenovo tablet password. Get the steps from the article below.

Lenovo tablet is the top five tablets all around the world, with the release of the new Lenovo tablet version and the new technology achieved on the Lenovo tablet, it stands out and attracts more users. Same as the Lenovo phone, Lenovo tablet can be protected in different types, screen lock with pin/pattern/password/fingerprint, almost all Lenovo tablet users would like to lock tablet screen with password. But when you forgot Lenovo tablet password, how do you unlock a locked Lenovo tablet?

Different from another phone model, Lenovo tablet screen password can't be recovered by the security questions or the phone number, if you saved the Lenovo tablet original receipt, you can contact Lenovo support online to reach your nearest service provider. The service provider will flash a new image onto the device to remove the current password. Please note that all user data will be lost. But you should prove that the locked Lenovo tablet is yours.

So when you forgot Lenovo tablet password, maybe the EelPhone DelPassCode For Android is the quickest method to remove Lenovo tablet screen lock.

How to unlock Lenovo tablet without knowing the password

EelPhone DelPassCode For Android is the easiest way to bypass Lenovo tablet screen lock password, with the detailed guide on the tool, reset Lenovo tablet screen password with clicks.

Step 1: Free download EelPhone DelPassCode For Android on computer, make it work after the installation. From the interface of the tool, click on Remove Screen Lock to unlock a locked Lenovo tablet.
Unlock Lenovo tablet

Step 2: Plug the Lenovo tablet to computer via usb cable, once connected o the tool, click on Start button to remove tablet screen lock.
The notes on the interface, read it before start.
Unlock Lenovo tablet

Step 3: The guide on the tool will present the steps in detail, just follow the steps, and keep connection when the tool is removing the Lenovo tablet screen lock password.
How to unlock lenovo tablet

It's a easy operation, just do as the tool present.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 11 May, 2021

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