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Viber Deleted Messages Recovery iPhone

Alex Scott,  11 August, 2021
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How to get Viber call history when you deleted on iPhone? You can restore Viber chat history from backup file or use the iPhone Viber data recovery to recover Viber messages from iPhone internal storage directly.

How can I restore my Viber chat history on iPhone? Restore from iCloud or iTunes backup file to get back deleted Viber chat messages. You should backup Viber messages iPhone to iCloud or iTunes in advance. Without backup, you can only use the professional tool to recover Viber messages from iPhone internal storage directly.

You can download Viber chat history phone to computer, when you deleted Viber chat history by accident, you can restore from the backup file. It's also the way to save Viber chat history permanently.

Part 1: iPhone Viber Backup-Free

iCloud and iTunes are two powerful tools for apple users, you can backup Viber messages to iCloud or iTunes to avoid the Viber chat loss after accident deletion. iCloud or iTunes, you should be sure that there is enough storage space to save all data you'll back up.

Backup iPhone Viber Messages to iTunes
iTunes is one free backup tool for apple users, install iTunes to your computer, and make sure that the computer has enough storage space to save all data from iPhone including Viber chat history.
Connect iPhone to computer, use the apple id and apple id password to link iPhone and iTunes with success. Once iPhone linked to iTunes with success, switch to the Summary section in iTunes, find out the Backup iPhone button from iTunes Summary. Keep connection during the whole backup process. When Viber chat history was synced to iTunes with success, unplug iPhone from PC.
Viber Data Recovery
Backup iPhone Viber Chat History to iCloud
Without a PC, you can also use iCloud to backup Viber chat history. iCloud storage is paid, increase iCloud storage space before backing up Viber chat history to iCloud.

Go to iPhone Settings>[your name]>iCloud, enable Viber from the list to sync Viber chat messages to iCloud. Then from the iCloud interface, locate the iCloud Backup selection, tap on Back Up Now to backup chat Viber to iCloud.
Don't use iPhone during the backup process and make sure that iPhone has enough power to sync iPhone data to iCloud.
Viber Data Recovery
So for iPhone users, you can use iTunes to iCloud to backup Viber chat messages so that you can restore Viber chat messages from backup later.

Part 2: How to Backup Viber Contacts on PC

You can't select the messages partly when you use iCloud or iTunes to backup Viber messages. If you want to backup only Viber chat photos to PC, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download EelPhone Viber Backup tool to PC. Launch it after the installation. Form the main interface of the tool, tap on Viber from all.
Viber Data Recovery

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable. Switch to Backup feature from the left side, the tool will detect iPhone version automatically, tap on Back Up Now to backup Viber chat messages.
Viber Data Recovery

Step 3: Don't disconnect iPhone from computer during the Viber messages backing up process.

Step 4: Come back to the Viber Restore interface, switch to View&Restore from the left side. The backup list will appear from the backup list, tap on the backup list and click on the View button.
Viber Data Recovery

Step 5: It's all Viber chat history data in the backup list, choose the chat messages you want to save to PC.
Viber Data Recovery

Step 6: Tap on Restore to Computer to save Viber voice messages from iPhone to PC.

Define the folder to save Viber chat messages, you can locate it easily and restore Viber backup to iPhone.

Part 3: How to Restore Viber Messages from Backup

It's easy to get back deleted Viber messages when you backed up Viber chat history in advance, restore Viber messages from backup by following the steps below.

Restore Viber Messages from iTunes
Connect iPhone to computer, once linked to iTunes automatically, from Summary interface, tap on Restore from Backup button to restore Viber messages from iTunes backup when you have backed up Viber messages to iTunes, all Viber chat history existing in iPhone will be overwritten.

Restore Viber Messages from iCloud
Different from restoring Viber messages from iTunes, if you want to restore Viber messages from iCloud, you should factory reset iPhone from settings in advance, from the apps and data screen, tap on Restore from iCloud to restore Viber messages from iCloud. All data in iPhone will be overwritten by the iCloud backup file.

Restore from Backup from Viber Backup Tool
When you backed up Viber messages with the help of the EelPhone Viber Transfer, you can also restore from backup to iPhone directly.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to computer, launch EelPhone Viber Transfer from PC, and tap on Viber from the main page.
Viber Data Recovery

Step 2: From the left side, switch to Review&Restore, all backup files appear in the right side.
Viber Data Recovery

Step 3: Select the Viber backup file to restore to the iPhone you linked to the computer, then tap on Restore to iOS to restore Viber messages from backup.

Keep connection during the whole process. All Viber Messages will come back to iPhone. But when you deleted Viber messages on iPhone, but you haven't backed up Viber messages in advance, use the Viber data recovery tool to scan out Viber messages from iPhone internal directly.

Part 4: How to Recover Viber Messages on PC Without Backup

When you deleted Viber messages iPhone without backup, Viber data recovery is the only way. It's also the way to download Viber photos/videos/text/voice message to PC.

Step 1: Download EelPhone iPhone Data Recovery to computer, several features in the home page of the tool, tap on iPhone Data Recovery from all.
Viber Data Recovery

Step 2: Plug iPhone to computer using USB cable, unlock iPhone and trust computer to allow the tool to scan iPhone internal storage. Then tap on the Start Scan button to detect iPhone.
Viber Data Recovery

Step 3: The tool will scan out all data in iPhone including deleted data. From the scanning result, preview the Viber chat messages from all recoverable Viber messages. Click on the Recover button to export Viber chat messages to PC.
Viber Data Recovery

When Viber messages gone on iPhone, use the Viber chat recovery tool to scan out missing Viber messages, get back lost Viber messages. It's better if you backed up Viber call history and chat history to iTunes/iCloud/computer, restore from backup file directly.

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