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[Solved]How to Undisable an iPod

Alex Scott,  28 August, 2020
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How to unlock a disabled iPod without knowing the iPod password? When iPod touch 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/7th generation disabled, apart from original iPod screen password, you can try another way to unlock a disabled iPod without iTunes-EelPhone DelPassCode, iPod is disabled fix with clicks only.

“iPod touch is an iPhone without a Phone”
iPod Touch provides all iPhone functions except phone, GPS, vibration, proximity sensor and digital compass needle. iPod was designed for music at first. iPod users protect the iPod with password or fingerprint same as iPhone.
If you forgot iPod password, or when you got one used iPod or second hand iPod without knowing the iPod password, iPod is disabled if you have entered wrong password so many time, you'll be asked to try again after a few minutes.

Try all possibilities to unlock disabled iPod, but without right iPod password, you should the help of EelPhone DelPassCode, which will unlock an iPod touch that is disabled in clicks only.

Part 1: How to Unlock a Disabled iPod Touch Without Password in Clicks

EelPhone DelPassCode is the best way to get your iPod out of disabled mode without password. Get the detailed guide from below.

Step 1: Download EelPhone DelPassCode on computer, launch it and click on Unlock Screen Passcode to fix disabled iPod without password.
How to undisable an iPod

Step 2: Connect disabled iPod to computer via usb cable, if the disabled iPod can be detected by the tool automatically, follow the guide to connect iPod to the tool manually.
How to undisable an iPod

Step 3: Check the iPod ios version, click on Start button to download the iPSW data package.
How to undisable an iPod

Step 4: Once the iPSW data package was downloaded, click on Unlock Now button to get into a disabled iPod without passcode/fingerprint.
How to undisable an iPod

Connect the disabled iPod to the computer during the whole process, the disconnection will make the failure of the unlocking process.

Part 2: How to Connect to iTunes When iPod is Disabled

“iPod is disabled, connect to iTunes” appears when you have entered wrong iPod password for so many times, it's the prompt about what do i do when my iPod says its disabled. Just connect disabled iPod to computer.

Link disabled iPod to computer via USB cable, if your iPod have connected to iTunes before, the iTunes will detect your disabled iPod automatically, you can click on Restore iPod button on iTunes Summary.
Note: It's hard to link disabled iPod to iTunes automatically without knowing the iPod password, mostly, you'll asked to enter the iPod screen password to go on.
How to undisable an iPod

Data loss after the restoration process, restore from iPod backup file to get back lost data, backup file is the last hope to fix disabled iPod without losing data.

Part 3: iPod is disabled Connect to iTunes Fix Without Computer

When iPod is disabled, how to get iPod out of disabled mode without computer? Without computer, you can try iCloud on another iDevice.

Use the linked apple id and password to sign in iCloud on another iDevice, in the case that the find my iPod feature was enabled, you can use the Erase feature on Find My iPod. All data loss also after the process.
How to undisable an iPod

This method will erase all related data on iCloud also, it isn't recommended.
From all tips above, get the best method to fix your iPod if it is disabled.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 30 December, 2021

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