How to Erase iPad Without Passcode

EelPhone author Alex Scott, 28 June, 2019


When we log into iCloud to erase iPad, but unfortunately. We forgot iCloud account password, we can't log into iCloud to wipe iPad. Only the professional tool can help us erase iPad without passcode.

“Yesterday I bought one latest iPad, the iPad mini that I used for 4 years, I want to give to my brother, I am going to erase iPad from iCloud, but when I am ready to log into my iCloud, I find that I forgot my iCloud account and password. I tried to retrieve my iCloud account and password from, but I have forgotten the security question raised by iCloud. It seems that it is impossible to retrieve the iCloud password from Apple's official website. Is there any other way to wipe iPad without password?”

Usually, when we want to wipe one iPad, go to iCloud, sign in with Apple ID and Apple ID password, from All device, select the iPad you want to erase, click on Erase iPad to wipe iPad from your iCloud account. But in case we forgot iPad password, we can't log in iCloud, iCloud is not one good method to wipe iPad, we should seek help from one tool.

Maybe Eelphone iPhone Unlock is the last hope that we can wipe iPad without password. The tool will erase iPad without passcode in clicks. And follow to get the detailed steps to wipe a locked iPad.

How to Wipe an iPad Without Password in The Quickest Way

In fact, in so many moments that we want erase iPad, when iPad was locked but we no have password, we want to give it up, when the iPad was disabled, we want to give it up, when we change iPad model, we want to erase old iPad from iCloud, but no have password, we should turn to Eelphone iPhone Unlock to force wipe iPad without passcode in clicks.

Step 1: Wipe an iPad without password need to free download Eelphone iPhone Unlock on your Window or MAC. Install and launch it immediately. From the interface of the toll, what we need is Unlock Apple ID, click on it.
Wipe iPad

Step 2: Before click on “ Start to Unlock ”, we should read the notice from the interface, the warning we should know before wipe iPad without password. The tool will erase all data in iPad, so it's better to backup iPad data to computer before erasing iPad. Keep connection during the whole process of erasing iPad.
Warming of erasing iPad without password

Step 3: Till now, if you haven't connected your locked iPad to computer, please plug iPad to computer via USB cable. And keep connecting until erased iPad.
Plug iPad to computer

Step 4: Once connected iPad to computer, the tool will start wiping iPad when asked to Reset All Settings on iPad, do as the guide.
Reset all settings

Note: When we asked to reset iPad all settings, the iPad must be unlocked, if we forgot iPad password, use this method to unlock iPad without password.

Step 5: Once reset all settings on iPad, the tool will wipe iPad without passcode automatically. In a few minutes, we can erase apple id and iCloud account.
Wiping iPad without passcode

Reset one new iCloud account and iCloud account password to your iPad. And if have backed up iPad data, restore data to iPad.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 28 August, 2019