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It is Necessary to Know How Can a Thief Unlock iPhone with Password

Alex Scott,  11 January, 2019
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We can't unlock the iPhone in many situations, we'll help you to unlock iPhone. But before unlock Apple ID, you should remove iPhone lock screen first. We can unlock iPhone screen without computer, we can remove lock screen iPhone when iPhone touch screen not working cant unlock, we can also remove lock screen iPhone without passcode. Let's see how to unlock iPhone screen.

“ Very bad, last night, my wife was crazy to check my iPhone. I can not endure, Shouldn't couples trust each other? So I insisted on not giving her my iPhone. In the process of competing for the iPhone, the iPhone fell to the ground, the screen broken, my God, even Touch ID can't be used, what should I do, I still need it to work, how to unlock iPhone with an unresponsive screen? It's possible to unlock iPhone with broken screen? Help me, please! ”

In life, we can't unlock iPhone for various reasons. Maybe the iPhone screen is broken, so we can't unlock it by entering the iPhone password also Touch ID. How to unlock iPhone with broken screen and home button? Maybe we forgot the iPhone password, so we can't unlock iPhone, how to unlock an iPhone without knowing the password? It could also be a stolen iPhone. We don't know the password. How to unlock a stolen iPhone 6?

Not only screen passcode, but also Apple ID, when we no have the Apple ID passcode, how to get rid of Apple ID? How to remove old Apple ID from iPhone? You must keep in mind that if you want to unlock the Apple ID, you must first unlock iPhone screen. If you know the screen password, you only need to browse the second part of the article, but if you want to unlock Apple ID without knowing the screen passcode, You need to take a closer look at the first part and the second part of the article.

Part 1: How to Unlock a Stolen iPhone Screen Passcode

We have mentioned above, we need to unlock iPhone in different situations. When our iPhone is locked, the computer is not around, but we are anxious to use the iPhone, what should we do? What happens when our iPhone screen is broken? What should we do when we don't know the iPhone password at all? We will solve it for you one by one.

Situation 1: How to Unlock a Stolen iPhone Passcode Without Computer By Siri [Free]

If the computer is not in your hand, you can unlock iPhone with Siri, very easy, but only suitable for a portion of iPhone.

Step 1: Open your iPhone Siri, then you say “ What Time It Is ” to Siri.
Step 2: Siri will present the iPhone clock in the screen, double click iPhone clock.
Step 3: You can see the Timer in the bottom right corner.
Step 4: Define around 20 secs, and then click “ When Timer Ends ”.
Step 5: If you see “ Buy More Tones ”, you can click it and can back to home screen directly, or this method cannot work for you.

That's how to remove screen lock on iPhone without computer, this method is suitable for very old iPhone, because with the development of iPhone, only in the situation of unlock iPhone, you can see “ Buy More Tones ” or “ Tone Store ”.

Situation 2: How to Erase Stolen iPhone By iCloud [Free]

When our iPhone screen is broken, we can't enter the password, and we can't unlock the iPhone screen with Touch ID. At this time, if you have iCloud, one computer can help you unlock the iPhone screen. But this method has three prerequisites: First, your iPhone is connected to the Internet; Second, your " Find My iPhone " is open; third, the most important, you know Apple ID and Apple ID passcode.

Step 1: Go to iCloud.com in your computer. Sign in with your Apple ID you used in your broken screen iPhone.
Step 2: You can see the logo of " Find My iPhone ", double click it.
Step 3: From the device list, choose your broken screen device, and then click “ Erase iPhone ” button, your broken screen iPhone will be unlocked.

You can see if unlocked iPhone can use or not, it's better to backup you iPhone now, and change the screen as fast as possible.

Situation 3: How to Unlock A Stolen iPhone Screen without passcode [Effective]

In the case that you forgot the screen passcode or you don't know the screen passcode but you still want to unlock iPhone. How to unlock iPhone when you forget password? How to unlock a iPhone without password? In this case the only way is to use EelPhone iPhone Unlock.

Step 1: In this case, you need one computer, mac or Window is OK, download EelPhone DelPassCode in your PC, launch it, you will see “ Unlock Screen Passcode ” in the home screen , click it without hesitation.
Unlock iPhone Passcode

Step 2: Before unlocking iPhone passcode, you need read the warning, if accept, click “ Start ”.
Unlock stolen iPhone

Step 3: Now connect your disabled iPhone to PC via USB cable.
Connect Stolen iPhone to PC

Step 4: After connecting your iPhone to PC, if the iPhone stay black, you need put your iPhone into DFU or Recovery Mode, or you can skip this steps.(If you have connected your iPhone to this PC, and trusted this PC, the software will detect your iPhone directly, or you need put iPhone into DFU or Recovery Mode.
Put stolen iPhone in DFU mode

Step 5: Before downloading iPSW package online, you need confirm iDevice model information.
Download firmware package
Step 6: It will cost a few minutes to download iPSW, keep the connection of iPhone, you can “ Start Unlock ” until the extraction completed.
Extraction completed

Step 7: Also, you need keep the connection during removing screen lock, wait until unlock is complete.
Unlocking stolen iPhone

Now, all above, we have told you how to unlock my iPhone if I forgot my password, iPhone screen is broken how to unlock passcode, how to remove lock screen iPhone without passcode.

Part 2: How to Remove Apple ID from Stolen iPhone

In this part, you need know if you want remove Apple ID, you need unlock iPhone screen first.

Step 1: Launch EelPhone DelPassCode on your PC, click “ Unlock Apple ID ” from the home page.
Unlock stolen iPhone

Step 2: Connect your iDevice to PC now. After you have connected iDevice to PC, don't forget to Trust PC in your iDevice.
Connect stolen iPhone to PC
Trust computer in PC
Step 3: Click on “ Unlock Now ” when the tool works on the connected iDevice.
Start Unlock stolen iPhone

Step 4: This step is for those who's Find My iPhone is on, you need “ Reset all Settings ” before unlocking Apple ID, if the Find My iPhone is off, you will skip this step.
Reset all setting

Step 5: After a moment, you will remove Apple ID successfully.
Unlock stole iPhone successfully

OK, now, you know how to unlock iPhone screen lock, and how to remove old Apple ID from iPhone. Don't forget the passcode next time.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 11 May, 2021

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