2019 Updated Tips About Using Find My iPhone

EelPhone author Alex Scott, 09 September, 2019


For Apple new users, firstly, we should get the tips about how to turn on/turn off/add new device to Find My iPhone, for Apple fans, more tips about how to remove Find My iPhone without previous owner, disable Find My iPhone on a stolen phone.......all tips about Find My iPhone.

When got one new iPhone or iPad, we always would like to open Find My iPhone to locate and protect iDevice when iDevice was lost or stolen. We can even erase all data and settings in iDevice with the help of Find My iPhone, it's one effective way to unlock iPhone without password, restore from iCloud backup files after unlocking iPhone/iPad when we forgot the password, so get more tips from here about Find My iPhone.

Part 1: How to Turn On Find My iPhone

Turn on Find My iPhone on a new iPhone is essential, Find My iPhone have the feather to locate and protect your iPhone once turn on Find My iPhone feather on iPhone. So get the guide below to turn on Find My iPhone.
Go to Settings>[your name]at the top of settings, then scroll to the bottom of the page, Find My iPhone feather, turn on it, and it's better to turn on Send Last Location-which can send the exact location to apple when the iPhone power is gonging to run out, it's helpful when iPhone was stolen or lost.
Turn on Find My iPhone

Note: when we turn on Find My iPhone, the activation lock is turned on automatically, when iPhone was lost or stolen, activation lock prevents iPhone from being sold. So active Find My iPhone once got one new iPhone.

Part 2: How to Add a Device to Find My iPhone

When we want to associate iPhone/iPad to existing Find My iPhone, just use the same Apple ID and Apple ID password on your iPad/iPhone, set up the Apple ID on iPad.

Go to Settings>[your name]>Name, Phone Numbers, Email, if no Apple ID, create one Apple ID for your iPhone, if already have Apple ID account, tap on Apple ID to change to the Apple ID about the Find My iPhone you want to associate.

Then same as the part 1, turn on Find My iPhone feather on iPad/iPhone, when signing in iCloud.com, we can see all idevice associated to the Find My iPhone.

Part 3: How to Disable Find My iPhone

When we want to sell old iPhone, or when we want to unlink iPad/iPhone/iPod to the Find My iPhone, it's easy.

Go to Settings>[your name]>iCloud>Find My iPhone, turn off the Find My iPhone feather, and enter the Apple ID password to turn off Find My iPhone, it's the protection of iPhone, even device was stolen, we can still locate the device.
Or Settings>General>Reset > Erase All Content and Settings will also turn off Find My iPhone and also other settings and data in iPhone, it's more effective when we want to sell or give away old iPhone.
Turn off Find My iPhone

Note: When to turn off Find My iPhone, we should enter the Apple ID password to confirm the operation, so if you forgot Apple ID password, or when we got one second-hand iPhone/iPad, the nest part will solve the problem to disable Find My iPhone without password.

Part 4: How to Turn Off Find My iPhone Without Password

How to shut off Find My iPhone without password? The unique method is with the help of professional tool-Eelphone iPhone Unlock, which will turn off Find My iPhone without password on computer, with the tool, we can turn off Find My iPhone without password.

Step 1: Free download the tool to your computer, and from the interface after the installation, we can see three feathers on Eelphone, what we need is Delete Apple ID, click on it to remove Find My iPhone settings on iPhone/iPad.
Turn of Find My iPhone without password

Step 2: Click on the button to start to turn off Find My iPhone without password.
Start trun off Find My iPhone

Note: This tool will erase all data in iPhone/pad, we can restore from backup iTunes or iCloud if have. If no have password, data in iPhone may not important for us, just keep connecting to go on.

Step 3: We should trust this computer on iPhone/iPad, so we should unlock iPhone screen, and allow the computer.
Trust computer on iPhone

Step 4: Now the tool is unlocking Apple ID from iPhone/iPod, the Find My iPhone is disabled at the same time.
Turning off Find My iPhone

In 4 steps, Find My iPhone was turned off without password. And when we turn off Find My iPhone feather, cloud can't locate your iPhone/iPad anymore, and when iPhone/iPad was stolen or lost, we can't find back iPhone/iPad with the help of iCloud, so it's better to associate iPhone/pad to one new iCloud account, and turn on Find My iPhone with the Apple ID.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 09 September, 2019