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How to Use Smart Switch

Alex Scott,  13 October, 2021
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On the way to find out the method to transfer Samsung to iPhone? You can get the free method to transfer data from Samsung to iPhone or from iPhone to Samsung; or the method to transfer from iPhone to Samsung/Samsung to iPhone in the easiest way.

How to use Smart Switch Samsung to transfer data between phone and Samsung? Here is the detailed guide. And the tips when Samsung Smart Switch mobile not working from this article.

Are you still using the charged app in the market to transfer data from one phone to Samsung phone? Do you know that Samsung already released one free app to make it free to transfer almost all data from one Android or iDevice to Samsung phone without one penny? Let's get a comprehensive guide about Samsung Smart Switch.

Part 1: what is Samsung Smart Switch

Smart Switch is one app created by Samsung, of course, it's the app for Samsung.

Smart Switch is one data management app that can't transfer data from one device to Samsung phone. The data destination device must be Samsung phone, the source device should be Android phone, idevice, windows phone.

The biggest advantage of Smart Switch is that the app is free totally if your phone works with the app, then transfer the data from your phone to Samsung phone for free. It's one app works for Samsung users, but it's useful.

When you want to transfer data from one phone to new Samsung phone, use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer data to new Samsung for free.

Part 2: How to Transfer Data to New Samsung Phone with Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch is free for all users, use it to move data from phone to new Samsung phone by following the steps below.

You have three ways to transfer data from one device to Samsung phone:

Transfer Data to New Samsung Phone using WIFI
With the help of WIFI connection, you can't transfer data to Samsung phone wirelessly.
Step 1: Download Smart Switch to both phones, go to the app store to enter “Smart Switch”, download the Smart Switch to the phone, install and open the Smart Switch app.
Note: On the new Samsung phone, you can go to Settings>Cloud and Accounts>Smart Switch, if the Smart Switch appears in the settings, just open it without downloading it from the app store.
Step 2: Connect two phones to one strong and stable WIFI account, and put two phones together. If two phones are far away from each other, you can't transfer to Samsung phone with success.
Step 3: On the destination Samsung phone, open Smart Switch and tap on Start button to link two phones.
Step 4: On the source phone, select the data type you'll send to Samsung phone.
Step 5: When all data is ready, tap on the Start button to move selected data from the phone to Samsung.
Keep the WIFI connection during the whole process, how long does Smart Switch take to transfer data from phone to Samsung depends on the data quantity and the WIFI.

Transfer Data to New Samsung Using USB Cable
When the WIFI is weak, the sudden stop during the wireless transfer makes it annoying to transfer to Samsung phone.
Step 1: Whichever way to use Smart Switch to transfer data to a new Samsung phone, you should install Smart Switch to both phones first of all.
Step 2: Connect two phones using the USB cable.
You should prepare one USB-OTG adapter to connect two phones directly.
Step 3: Open Smart Switch on both phones, and then select the transfer data type from the source phone.
Step 4: Tap on the Start button to send the selected data on the source phone to Samsung phone. Keep connection during the whole transfer process.

Transfer data to Samsung phone suing PC
You can backup data in the phone at first, then restore from backup file to Samsung phone. Using the PC to transfer data from phone to Samsung.
Step 1: Download Smart Switch to pc/mac from google app store or Samsung office website.
Step 2: Launch Smart Switch on pc/mac, and connect the phone to the computer. Once the phone is linked to the computer, use the Backup feature on the Smart Switch to backup data in the source phone.
Step 3: Unplug the source phone from the computer, plug the Samsung phone into the computer. From the Smart Switch, select the Restore feature to restore from the selected backup file to Samsung phone.
Step 4: You can also select part of the data in the backup file before restoring it from the backup file.

Smart Switch is one free Android backup file also. When you don't want to pay for google drive, you can backup your Android phone using Smart Switch to backup Android phone regularly. It's nothing when you lost data on Android phone by accident, just restore from the backup file to get back lost data with one click.

Part 3: Related Question about Smart Switch

You may have many questions before using Smart Switch, just have a look to get the satisfying answer.

Does Smart Switch Transfer Apps
Smart Switch can't transfer apps, but only for Samsung galaxy owners, it means that if the source phone is Samsung galaxy, you can use Smart Switch to transfer apps to the new Samsung phone. But for another Android phone/iDevice/Windows phone, Smart Switch can't transfer apps to Samsung phone.

Does Smart Switch Transfer Passwords
Smart Switch can't transfer passwords to Samsung phone, you should remember the password and enter the password to Samsung phone one more time after the transfer process.
v Does Smart Switch Copy or Move
Smart Switch copies selected data from source phone to Samsung phone, all data in source phone won't be erased after the transfer process.

Why We Can't find Smart Switch on Play Store
If you can't locate the Smart Switch on the Google play store, it means that your mobile device can't use the Smart Switch to transfer data to Samsung phone.

Why Can't Install Samsung Smart Switch
You can find Smart Switch on the play store, but you can't install it when you tap on the Download button from the play store. Make sure that the network is available on the phone, then go to Settings → Apps>Google Play Store>Clear cache and data, try to download again.

What we can't transfer from one phone to Samsung
Not all data in the source phone can be transferred: all contacts, messages, photos, call logs, memos, alarms, Wi-Fi, wallpapers, documents in source phone can be moved to Samsung; but for calendar-transfer device content only; for music-DRM free content only and not supported for iCloud; videos-DRM free content only; app data-Galaxy devices only; home layouts-Galaxy devices only.
That's why you can't send all data to Samsung phone successfully.

Samsung Smart Switch won't work
The Smart Switch not working for many reasons, the last part will list the cause and the solution about Smart Switch not working issue.

Part 4: What to Do When Samsung Smart Switch not Working

Smart Switch not working, you can't transfer to Samsung phone for free using Smart Switch. Find out the cause and the solution from the resting content.

Corresponding Android
Smart Switch doesn't work on all Android phone, to use Smart Switch, your phone must run Android 4.3 or iOS 4.2.1 or later. Update Android system and ios system to the version workable on Smart Switch.

Workable Mobile Device
Smart Switch doesn't work on all mobile phone, not only the source device but also the destination device. The destination phone should be only Samsung galaxy-recent Samsung galaxy from galaxy s2. so you should be sure that your phone is workable with Smart Switch.

Smart Switch not Transferring Messages
It failed to transfer data from one phone to Samsung phone, or Samsung Smart Switch stuck on backing up messages, check Samsung phone storage space, make sure that Samsung phone has enough space to store all data from the source phone.

Smart Switch the Application has Failed to Start
When Smart Switch not connecting to device, check the WIFI on both phones or the USB cable connection before opening Smart Switch.

Samsung Smart Switch not working
The phone is unavailable with Smart Switch, or it failed to transfer data to Samsung phone via Smart Switch after several attempts. Considering EelPhone Mobile Transfer tool, which can transfer data between any two phones, select the transfer data type, then, with one click, all data from the source phone will be transferred to the destination phone.

Take advantage of the Smart Switch app to transfer data to Samsung phone for free.

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