Tips When Locked Out of iPad

EelPhone author Alex Scott, 01 January, 2020


Locked out of iPad, we can restore locked iPad from iTunes, and when iPad passcode locked, we can use Apple ID to break into locked iPad without screen passcode, or use force factory reset to fix locked iPad without password for free. But the most effective method is still Eelphone iPhone Unlock.

iPad locked with passcode, just enter the passcode to break into locked iPad, but if without passcode, search others methods to break into locked iPad without iPad screen passcode. But other methods will erase all data and settings on iPad unless you have backed up iPad backup iPad to iTunes or iCloud, we can restore iPad from iTunes/iCloud backup files after break into iPad without password.

Method 1: How to Fix the Issue Locked iPad for Free from iCloud-Needs iCloud Account

For Apple users, we have another account-iCloud account and password to protect iDevice in one deeper method. If we have Apple ID and password, we can use iCloud to fix the problem locked out of iPad. But find my iPad feather must be enabled before iPad being locked.

Step 1: Take out one computer, open chrome, sign in website with iCloud account and password.
Step 2: Turn to find my iPad feather on the home page, and from All Devices, click on the locked iPad.
Step 3: From all feathers on iPad, click on Erase to fix the issue locked out of iPad.
Locked out of iPad

We should also enter iPad Apple ID and password to confirm the Erase feather. And after the process, all data and settings on iPad will be erased then.

Method 2: Apple iPad Locked Out Fixed from iTunes-Needs Apple ID

Without iPad screen passcode, with Apple ID and passcode, we have another method to fix the issue locked out of iPad-iTunes. Log in iTunes with iTunes account, or if locked iPad have connected to iTunes before, no need of iTunes account and password, it depends.

Step 1: Launch the iTunes on computer, and then connect the locked iPad to computer, the locked iPad will be connected to the iTunes immediately without asking Apple ID and password, if asked, just enter iTunes account and password.
Step 2: Once locked iPad connected to computer, you are lucky, click on iPad device icon, and from Summary, on the right side, click on Restore button to restore iPad to factory reset, all settings and data will be erased, including iPad screen passcode. At last, we should enter Apple ID and account to confirm the restoration.
Locked out of iPad

It's the free method to fix the issue, before restoration, backup locked iPad data on iTunes in advance, then we can restore from backup file to get back lost data on iPad.

Method 3: How to Open an iPad Without Passcode-Nothing in Need

iPad locked with passcode, the best method to open iPad without passcode is Eelphone iPhone Unlock, fix the issue locked out of iPad without password in clicks.

Step 1: Free download the Eelphone iPhone Unlock on computer, launch it immediately after the installation. All feather on Eelphone iPhone Unlock, click on Unlock Screen Passcode feather to fix the issue locked out of iPad.
Locked out of iPad

Step 2: Warning from the second page, check the warning, if accept, click on Start to fix the issue locked out of iPad.
Locked out of iPad

Step 3: Check iPad model information on the back of iPad. From the list, choose the iPad information exact. The tool will download the firmware package according to your iPad model information. Click on Download button to download the firmware package.
Locked out of iPad

Step 4: When firmware package downloaded, click on Start to Extract to unpack data package. Then the tool will fix the issue locked out of iPad.
Locked out of iPad

Step 5: Click on Start to Unlock button to fix the issue locked out of iPad.
Locked out of iPad

In clicks with Eelphone iPhone Unlock, we can fix the issue locked out of iPad. Restore from backup if backed up iPad before. When locked out of iPad, from all parts above, select the suitable method to fix the issues locked out of iPad.