Apple ID Activation Lock Bypass Without Password

EelPhone author Alex Scott, 15 May, 2020


Apple ID activation lock on iPhone/iPad should the original Apple ID and Apple ID password to bypass, find out or ask the seller to provide the Apple ID and password in the case that the iDevice is one second-hand device. EelPhone Activation Lock Removal to remove Apple ID activation lock without Apple ID and password is the last hope for apple user actually.

One iDevice is linked to one Apple ID, but one Apple ID can associate several iDevice, that's why one family can link their iDevice to one same Apple ID, share photos and videos with ease if in one Apple ID.

Apple ID activation lock appears on iDevice when we use Erase feather from to lock one iDevice with activation remotely, or when apple users force factory reset iDevice, further protection of apple product-activation lock will protect iDevice. Bypass iPhone/iPad activation lock without Apple ID and password make it as one dead iDevice unless with the help of EelPhone Activation Lock Removal, which can remove activation lock without Apple ID.

How to Bypass Apple ID Activation Lock Without Apple ID Password-100% Workable

EelPhone Activation Lock Removal-Apple ID activation lock lost password remover, bypass Apple ID activation lock without Apple ID password, but two points we should know in advance:
1. Users can access the device for daily use except for the function of phone call, cellular and iCloud feather of new Apple ID
2. The activation lock screen will appear again if you reset your device again after bypassing Apple ID locked iDevice.
But comparing with keeping one dead iPhone/iPad, two limitations above can be ignored.

Step 1: Download EelPhone Activation Lock Removal on mac, only mac version now. You can borrow one mac if not have. Launch the Apple ID activation lock lost password remover after installation. Tap on Start button to bypass Apple ID locked iPhone/iPad without password.
Apple ID locked bypass

Step 2: Connect Apple ID locked iPhone/iPad to Mac via USB cable, the removal will download jailbreak data package.
Apple ID locked bypass

Step 3: Click on Start Jailbreak button to jailbreak Apple ID locked iPhone/iPad. Note: follow the guide on the removal to put iDevice into DFU mode which is necessary to jailbreak Apple ID locked iDevice.
Apple ID locked bypass

Step 4: When the jailbreak process finished, click on Next button, the tool will analysis your iDevice model information: iOS version/IMEI/serial number/UDID, check the information of your Apple ID locked iDevice, and then click on Start Bypass, the removal will activate iPhone/iPad without Apple ID and password.
Apple ID locked bypass

Create one new Apple ID to Apple ID activation unlocked iDevice, you can't use iCloud feather with new Apple ID, but it's useful to download apps online and register on app.