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What to Do When Snapchat Not Loading Snaps

Alex Scott,  14 July, 2021
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Why do my snaps keep saying tap to load? It's failed to load Snapchat pictures, the network connection is the first factor that you should check the moment that Snapchat not loading snaps iPhone/Android. If Snapchat not showing messages with a workable network, get the tips from this article.

Snapchat not loading snaps or stories, you tapped several times to load the snaps but Snapchat not loading videos and pictures, the Snapchat is in the last position you've browsed or when you drop down the Snapchat page, it's failed to load pictures and videos or more stories in the Stories section.

Part 1: Why Won't My Snaps Load

why is my Snapchat not loading snaps? Snapchat won't load any snaps when you opened Snapchat after a long time. Maybe your friends didn't send any snaps, but if you failed to load videos or pictures from your friends, it's an issue you should solve immediately.

Network Connection
Snapchat is free, but it works with the help of the network, you can only load snaps when the network is available in your iPhone or Android phone. Make sure that you've linked to the wifi or mobile data before opening Snapchat.

The Network is Available or Not
You've already linked to wifi or mobile data, but snap won't load either after tapping to load Snapchat. Test the network you've linked to, enable other apps in your iPhone or Android phone. If the network is unavailable, repair the wifi or charge your phone number.

Network Limitation for Snapchat
You've moved Snapchat to the network blacklist, how can you use Snapchat and load videos and pictures smoothly. Remove Snapchat from the mobile data blacklist and don't limit the use time of Snapchat if you're a Snapchat fan.

Not Receiving Snapchats from One Person
You can load snaps from other persons but only one person, you can't receive the snaps from one friend you've just added.
If you can't browse any stories from one person, mostly, you're not on the friend list, it means that he or she didn't add you till now.
If you can't receive snaps from one person, check your blacklist, if the person is on the blacklist, she or he can't send snaps to you so that you can't get the Snapchat from the person. Remove the person from the blacklist, then you can receive the snaps from him and browse his or her stories.

Snapchat Bug
In 2020, Snapchat crashed, the users can't even open Snapchat rather than Snapchat won't load pictures in chat. For the official crash, what you can do is feedback the issue to the Snapchat support. The expert will solve the issue and then release one new Snapchat version.

Full Storage in Mobile Phone
Snapchat can run smoothly with stable wifi and enough space storage. You should clear the Snapchat cache to free up more space in your Android or iPhone. Snapchat won't load snaps in the case that the iPhone or Android phone space was running out. Delete useless data in your mobile phone to get more space.

Part 2: How to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps

snaps not loading after several attempts. Check and then find out the exact way to fix Snapchat not loading issue effectively.

Check the Network
First of all, you should get rid of the network in your Android or iPhone. Link to the available wifi or mobile data. You can check the network on other apps.

Restart Snapchat APP
The network is OK, but your Snapchat not loading snaps either. Close Snapchat thoroughly, don't make it run in the background either. Then restart Snapchat one more time.

Reboot Mobile Phone
Hold on to the power button to reboot iPhone or Android phone. Reboot mobile phone can solve many phone issues, it's one effective and easy method to fix Snapchat not loading snaps. Open Snapchat and check if it can load snaps or not.

Uninstall and Reinstall Snapchat
iPhone or Android, just hold the Snapchat icon on the phone interface, tap on Delete to uninstall Snapchat from a mobile phone. Then go to the app store to search out Snapchat to download and re-install it to the phone. Log in with your Snapchat account and tap to load snaps.

Update Snapchat
Snapchat released a new version to fix the Snapchat bug, you should update Snapchat to the new version: go to app store>Updates, locate Snapchat and tap on the Update button to update Snapchat to the latest version.

Change Snapchat Account
The network is available, Snapchat is the latest version, the Snapchat stories not loading. Log out of your Snapchat account from Settings>Log Out. Tap on the login or Sign Up to use another Snapchat account to log in to Snapchat. If Snapchat can load pictures and videos, as usual, it means that your Snapchat was blocked by Snapchat because the actions conflict with the Snapchat terms.

Use Another Mobile Phone
Log in to Snapchat in another Android or iPhone with the same Snapchat account that not loading snaps. In the case that you can load snaps in another phone, you can exclude the problem of your Snapchat account.

Snapchat not loading snaps is one common issue, find out the solution from the article and use Snapchat as usual.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 30 December, 2021

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