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How to Fix Snapchat Connection Failed Issue

Alex Scott,  02 July, 2021
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When popping out the notice “Connection failed” or “Could Not Connect” on Snapchat, or the “Connection Error” once tapped on the Log In button. After checking the network connection in the mobile device but still failed, find out the right method to fix connection failed Snapchat story from this unit.

Snapchat could not connect issue is one common problem, the Snapchat users can't log in Snapchat and use it normally. Check and find out the solution of the issue.

Part 1: Why Snapchat Connection Failed

Network Connection
Snapchat is one free chat app, the Snapchatters send and share photos/videos/texts for their Snapchaters with the help of the network. A good network makes it more smooth to chat with others on Snapchat. Make sure that you've connected the network on your mobile device. Turn on the WIFI or mobile data.

Network Unavailable
The mobile phone was linked to the network, but the Snapchat connection failed notice appears also. Use other apps on your mobile phone to check the network is available or not. If the network is unavailable on the mobile phone, it's the problem of the network or the mobile phone arrears that you should charge for it.

Network Settings for Snapchat
You've set Snapchat away from the mobile data before when you connect a mobile phone to the mobile data, your Snapchat is prohibited access to mobile data, even the network is available, you'll get the Snapchat connection failed story when you try to log in Snapchat with your email account. Remove Snapchat from the mobile data limitation settings.

Phantom for Snapchat
The phantom for Snapchat was born for Snapchat: one app to remove restrictions of texts/photos and videos size and format when you want to load them to Snapchat to share it with your Snapchatters. But you should jailbreak your idevice to install the app and the app may make your Snapchat unavailable, uninstall the Phantom for Snapchat from your idevice, then log in to Snapchat again.

Snapchat Error
Snapchat was hacked by hackers, Snapchat crashed, all users Snapchat can't connect when you log in to Snapchat with the right account and password. Go to Snapchat support to make feedback. Only Snapchat can solve the Snapchat not connecting issue if it's the Snapchat error.

Unavailable Area
Snapchat can't be used in all areas. You should use a VPN on your mobile device to make Snapchat available in your area. Install the VPN in your mobile device, connect the network and make the VPN enabled before logging in to Snapchat.

Part 2: How to fix Snapchat Connection Error

When you receive the message “please check your connection and try again Snapchat ”, it's the Snapchat connection error, you can fix the issue following the tips below.

Make the Network Available on Your Mobile Device
First of all, test the network on your mobile at first. Firstly, connect to the available network, don't put Snapchat into the mobile data use a blacklist. If you're in the area that Snapchat is unavailable, you should install the VPN in your phone to make Snapchat is available in your area.

Uninstall Phantom for Snapchat
Uninstall the Phantom for Snapchat on your mobile phone. The Phantom for Snapchat may affect the use of Snapchat.

Restart your Mobile Phone
Hold the power button to reboot your mobile phone and then log in to Snapchat one more time.

Update Snapchat Version
When Snapchat released a new version, your Snapchat not connecting also, go to the app store to update Snapchat to the latest version, then log in to your Snapchat again.

Reinstall Snapchat
If all is ready but Snapchat connection failed also, uninstall and then reinstall Snapchat on your mobile device one more time.

Feedback to Snapchat Support
You've tried all tips above but the Snapchat connection failed, feedback the Snapchat connection issue to the Snapchat support directly. For the Snapchat app problem, what you can do is make the feedback, if so many users feedback the same problem, Snapchat will make the solution immediately.

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