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How to Fix Snapchat Failed to Send

Alex Scott,  14 May, 2021
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Snapchat is broken and you cannot refresh it even with the network linked. Find out the useful way to fix Snapchat Failed to Send issue.

As one Snapchatter, not only can you send Snaps to other Snapchatters, you can create Snapchat stories to share the photos and videos you would like to share. From Snapchat stories, you can also preview all stories of your friends on Snapchat(if you're blocked by Snapchat friends, the Snapchat stories will be locked and invisible for you). So Snapchat is one chat app and also one share platform for Snapchatters.

Snapchat stuck on sending and won't send messages to Snapchatters, you can't use Snapchat as usual fix the Snapchat issues by following the tips below.

Part 1: Why is My Snapchat Failed to Send

why is Snapchat Failed to Send? The possibility of the Snapchat Failed to Send issue is the network issue, check the network on your phone.

Network Connection
If your phone is not linked to the workable network, Snapchat isn't working normally, you should turn on the network(cellular or wifi) on your phone. You can test the network on another phone or open another app on the phone, if the network is available but your Snapchat Failed to Send either, switch to the next step.

Stopping Snapchat Using Network
Apart from Snapchat, all other apps on your phone are working normally, only Snapchat Failed to Send, what's wrong with Snapchat? Turn to network settings on your phone, check if Snapchat app was prohibited from the use of the Internet. You can go to Settings>Mobile Network>Data Usage>Network access, check if the Mobile Data and WLAN were enabled by selecting the small box after the Snapchat app, enable the mobile data, and WLAN if those two were not enabled.

Snapchat is in the Software Blacklist
The first time when you tried to download and install Snapchat app on your phone but Snapchat Failed to Send, you can't even open Snapchat after the installation. If you have installed the antivirus app on your phone, remove Snapchat from the blacklist and then enable Snapchat one more time.

Unavailable in Certain Regions
Snapchat can't be used all around the world, take china, for example, you can't work Snapchat in china, in the case that you want to use Snapchat in china, you should use VPN on your phone, open VPN when you are going to work Snapchat.

Part 2: Why is Snapchat Failed to Send Today

Snapchat Failed to Send today, on other days, Snapchat works normally. It's the problem of Snapchat app in the large possibility. Snapchat is fixing the bug, for the Snapchat issues today, what you can do is waiting, when the bug was fixed, you can use it as usual.

It's the cause of Snapchat Failed to Send issue that we can't fix, so when all tips were done but Snapchat Failed to Send either, put it away and waiting.

Part 3: Snapchat Failed to Send Messages to Snapchatters

Snapchat won't send messages, first of all, check the network by following the guide on the first part, without a network, you can't send messages to any person in Snapchat. Or under the poor network, Snapchat messages are sending and you should wait so long time.

But if you fund that Snapchat failed to send to one person, you can send messages to other Snapchatters but only one person who you can't send Snaps. You're blocked by the person, all Snaps from you are refused so Snapchat failed to send messages to the person. It's also the method to check if someone blocked you on Snapchat.

Part 4: Fix Snapchat Not Refreshing Issue

How to refresh Snapchat? Go to the Chat interface on Snapchat, swipe down the interface with your finger, if the “Could not refresh, please try again” notice appears on the top of the interface, which means that you could not refresh Snapchat manually.

First of all, check the network connection on your phone as we inferred above. Without a network, how can Snapchat refresh?

The network is available on Snapchat, but Snapchat won't refresh still, close Snapchat, and then restart Snapchat one more time.

Restarting Snapchat doesn't work either, uninstall and reinstall Snapchat on your phone, or update Snapchat to the latest version.

In the case that you're blocked on Snapchat, Snapchat not refreshing either. Use or register another Snapchat account and try one more time, if you can refresh Snapchats messages with success with another Snapchat account, OK, it's your Snapchat account problem, you're blocked on Snapchat.

So when Snapchat keeps saying could not refresh, check the network on the phone at first, if the network is available, try another Snapchat account and refresh Snapchat one more time.

Part 5: Snapchat Not Receiving Snaps

It's so quiet and no notice of Snaps coming in, take out your phone and open Snapchat, swipe down the chat interface to refresh Snaps from your Snapchatters, but Snapchat messages not showing up, no Snaps from your friends.

Of course, you should check the network on your phone, first of all, Snapchat couldn't receive Snaps without a network, connect to the available mobile data or WIFI before enabling Snapchat on your phone.

Blocked on Snapchat won't receive any Snaps from Snapchatters if you did not receive some Snapchatters Snaps not all Snapchatters. In the moment that you didn't receive any Snaps and the Snapchat stories didn't refresh in a few days, considering the issue of Snapchat, uninstall and reinstall it on the phone.

Get the exact way to fix Snapchat issues from this article, and try the tips one by one.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 11 August, 2022