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How to Fix Messenger Not Working Issue

Alex Scott,  16 July, 2021
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For Facebook messenger problems which can be caused by different reasons, we should find out the right cause and then use the exact method to fix the messenger problem effectively. It's better to fix messenger not working without losing messages.

Facebook Messenger is another chat APP, you can download and use it on Android/iPhone/Windows/Mac, you can even open the messenger website to use it on web browsers. The messenger is one free chat APP for all users if you can download and use it.

Nowadays, the messenger is not only one chat APP sending text messages/videos/photos/audios to your friends, but it's also one platform to share interesting moments and link all friends together to enjoy the precious moment even all guys are worldwide, the distance isn't the obstacle by inviting all friends to one Room to share the relaxing moment.

For Facebook messenger issues, find out the cause and then use the right solution to fix messenger problems. From the article below, there are Facebook messenger problems and the solution about how to fix messenger problems effectively.

Part 1 : Messenger Not Opening Issues

For messenger not opening issues, locate the exact issue from this part, the related solution is recommended also.

Messenger Not Opening on Device
messenger not opening on iPhone/iPad/Android/Mac/Windows after installation, wait a few moments, the messenger is loading the APP data to your mobile device. And make sure that you've allowed the network to work for the messengers and you've downloaded the messenger APP from the APP store.

Messenger Not Opening Links
You've received links from your friends, tap on the link the messenger not opening links even with the network connection. Firstly, check the network, link to the available network on your mobile device or PC, you can test the network on other Apps. If the network is available, but the messenger not opening links also, wait a moment and don't tap on the link so many times.

Messenger not Opening Attachments
The messenger attachments from business partners or friends, messenger not opening attachments. You've received the attachments a few days ago or earlier, it's too long to upload the attachments, you should ask the sender to send the attachments one more time. Of course, make sure the stable network is on the mobile device or PC.

Part 2: Messenger Not Loading

Facebook messages not loading after dropping down the messenger page a few times. Follow the steps below to fix the messenger not loading issue effectively.

Facebook Messenger is free, but it works with the help of the available network on iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows/Mac, link to the workable network on the device, and test the network on the device.

Reasonable Refresh Time
How can the messenger load the messages if no one has sent messages to you? You have just refreshed the messenger one minute ago, it's normal that the messenger won't load any messages if the refresh time is too short.

Part 3: Facebook Messenger not Showing Messages

Facebook not showing messages after long time, and you've been asked why not answer the messages from your friends or business partner. But when you open Facebook messenger, messenger not showing any messages with an available network.

Restart the Messenger
Quit the messenger and restart it after a few minutes. Especially when the messenger is frozen and not working, the messenger APP restarting can solve many issues.

Remove the Friends Out of Blacklist
If you blocked the contacts in messenger, you can't receive any messages from the sender of the message, remove the contact from the blacklist, then you can receive the messages from the contacts.

Your Messenger Account Blocked
Have you received the message from Facebook that your Facebook account was blocked because of an abnormal operation recently? You can't use the messenger anymore, it's normal that the messenger not showing messages. Feedback to Facebook Support to get support to unblock your messenger account.

Part 4: More Tips for Facebook Messenger not Working Issue

If all tips above can't fix messenger issues effectively, the messenger APP not working either on iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows/Mac. Put the focus on the device rather than only the messenger APP.

Getting more tips to fix Facebook messenger APP not working issue.

Uninstall and reinstall the messenger APP
messenger APP not opening on iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows/Mac, uninstall the messenger from mobile device or the computer thoroughly. Then go to the APP store to download and reinstall the messenger to the device one more time, log in to the messenger and check if the messenger works or not.

Reboot Device
Hold the power button to turn off the mobile device or the computer. Restart the device after a few minutes, connect to the network, open the messenger APP. If the messenger APP not opening, use the method above to uninstall and reinstall the messenger.

Update the Messenger APP
Go to APP store to check that if the messenger has released one new version, if the messenger appears in the Updates list, it means that there is one new version of the messenger, tap on the Update button to update the messenger to the new version, open it after the updating process.

Link to VPN
The messenger can't be used all over the world, Facebook messenger not working in some areas, when Facebook messenger not working in the forbidden area, use the VPN in your mobile to switch to the area where the messenger is workable.

Free up Device Space
It takes a certain space to run the messenger APP on the device. The device should have enough space to run the messenger APP. Clear the cache or erase useless APP and data on the device to free up more space.

why is my messenger not working? The Facebook messenger issues are common and you have many tips to fix messenger not working. Locate the best and the suitable way to fix the messenger not working problem from all tips above.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 16 July, 2021

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