Two Ways to Unlock Encrypted iTunes Backup

iTunes backup unlocker

Three Powerful Attack Types of iTunes Backup Password Recovery

Remove iTunes Encryption Settings without Password from iDevice

Once forgot encrypt iPhone backup password, we can also remove iTunes Encryption Settings by connecting iDevice to PC. But we should Set up as New iPhone in our iDevice in order to avoid the data loss of iDevice.
Once removed encryption settings from iTunes backup, enter iTunes backup files without password, and also we can reset iTunes backup password one more time.


iTunes Backup Unlocker

Click on Unlock iTunes Backup

Backup files

Select iTunes backup file

Add backup files from computer

Import iTunes backup file manually

Attack type

Select Unlock Type, then tap on Start to Unlock

Download Dictionary file

The tool will download dictionary file when selected Dictionary Attack

Enter password information

Enter information once selected Brute-Force with Mask Attack

Unlocking iPhone backup password

Unlocking iTunes backup password

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