How to Fix iCloud Locked iPad

EelPhone author Alex Scott, 01 November, 2019


iCloud locked iPad, we should enter the password to remove iCloud account from iPad Air/mini. But if we want to unlock iCloud locked iPad without password, we need the help of the iPad iCloud lock removal to erase iCloud from iPad without password.

Once use the same Apple ID as other idevices, iPad was locked to the same iCloud, it's not safe for iPad users, data can be synced to another iDevice, and iPad location can be viewed from iCloud Find My iPad feather. Use the Apple ID password to bypass iCloud lock on iPad, but if we forgot Apple ID and password, Eelphone iPhone Unlock can remove iCloud from iPad without password

Part 1: How to Remove iCloud Account from iPad from Settings-Free

The moment we got one new iPad, we should set up the Apple ID and password for iPad, or use the same Apple ID and password as other Apple products, one iPad needs one Apple ID and password, it's the ID card for iPad. iCloud is a useful tool for Apple product, backup and restore iPad data, even protect the iPad when iPad was lost or stolen. iCloud or iTunes need to use the account Apple ID and password. But we can use Settings on the iPad if we have Apple ID and password.

Go to Settings>[your name], slide to the bottom, click on Sign Out to remove iCloud from iPad. We should enter Apple ID and password to turn off Find My iPad when we click on Sign Out.
Unlock icloud on iPad

Or we can go to Settings>[your name]>iCloud, turn off all feathers in iCloud, especially Find My iPad feather on iCloud. When turning off feathers on iCloud, keep all data on iPad if you don't want to lose data on iPad by accident.
iPad iCloud lock removal

Or we can delete iCloud account from iPad directly from iPad settings. Go to Settings>[your name]>Name, Phone Numbers, Email, edit the Apple ID, but befor delete old Apple ID, we should add one new Apple ID for iCloud locked iPad. And enter the passcode to confirm.
Remove iCloud from iPad

In fact, if we want to remove iCloud from iPad, the most important is turn off Find My iPad feather, or even after factory reset iPad, activation lock on iPad is still on.

Part 2: How to Remove iCloud Lock from iPad via iCloud-Free

This method is suitable for those who lost iPad or iPad was stolen, iPad is not handed at the moment, to protect the data in iPad, we should erase all data in iPad remotely with the help of iCloud, and the find my iPad on lost/stolen iPad must be turned on.

Step 1: Sign in on computer or another mobile device, sign in with the Apple ID and password same as lost/stolen iPad.
Step 2: From home page, Find My iPhone appears if find my iPad was turned on, click on Find My iPad, from all device, click on the iPad from where you want to remove iCloud.
Step 3: On iPad icon, click on Erase iPad to remove iCloud account from iPad, and we should also enter password to confirm the operation.
Get rid of iCloud lock on iPad
Note: All data and settings on iPad will be erased once we erased iPad from iCloud to prevent data in iPad from being transferred or backed up.

Part 3: How to Remove iCloud from iPad via iPad iCloud Removal-Effective

When forgot iCloud account and password, or got one second-hand iPad associated to one iCloud, but we can't find the owner to remove iCloud from iPad by the methods above, we need iPad iCloud removal to erase iCloud account from iPad.
First of all, unlock iPad screen lock, if iPad was locked out of, turn to Eelphone iPhone Unlock to unlock iPad without password.

Step 1: Free download Eelphone iPad iCloud lock removal on computer, install and launch the iPad iCloud removal, from Eelphone home page, click on Unlock Apple ID feather to get rid of iCloud lock on iPad without password.
iPad iCloud lock removal

Step 2: Connect the iCloud locked iPad to the computer, and we should pay attention to the warning on the interface of the iPad iCloud removal.
Data loss after taking off iCloud lock on iPad
And for the success of removing activation lock iCloud iPad, keep the connection between iPad and iPad iCloud removal during the whole process. Then click on Start to Unlock to unlock iPad with iCloud account.
iPad iCloud lock removal

Step 3: If Find My iPad on iPad was disabled, the iPad iCloud removal will take off iCloud lock on iPad immediately once click on Start to Unlock, but if find my iPad on iPad was enabled, we should go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings. Then the iCloud iPad removal will unlock iCloud locked iPad t once.
iPad iCloud removal

The iPad iCloud lock removal will erase all data on iPad, it's better to backup iPad to computer at the first of all. Restore backed up data to iPad after removed iCloud account from iPad.
Bypass Find My iPad activation lock

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