How to Restore iPhone Without Password in The Quickest Method

EelPhone author Alex Scott, 03 June, 2019


How to restore iPhone from iTunes? iTunes is the freeway to restore iPhone for free, and we have another quick way to restore iPhone to factory reset in clicks. Turn to the ways below to restore iPhone without password.

We think, almost all of us get the way to restore iPhone to factory settings with iTunes, just log into iTunes, and connect iPhone to iTunes, once connected to iTunes successfully, the iPhone device will appear on iTunes, click on the iPhone device you want to restore from iTunes, from Summary of the iDevice, we can see Restore iPhone from the right of iTunes, click on it to restore iPhone through iTunes. It's also one way to factory reset iPhone.

But at the moment that we no have iPhone screen passcode, how can we restore iPhone without password, in other word, how to restore iPhone through iTunes? Can we restore iPhone without iTunes? Restore from iTunes is the freeway to factory restore iPhone without passcode, but in case that we no have iTunes, how can we restore iPhone without passcode?

Part 1: How to Restore Your iPhone from iTunes

Of course, if you have the password of iPhone, go to iTunes, connect iPhone, then Restore iPhone, when asked to enter iPhone passcode, enter the password you have, restore iPhone through iTunes. But if you forgot iPhone screen password, have synced iPhone to iTunes before, you can also try iTunes to restore iPhone.

Step 1: Launch iTunes on computer without password in need. And connect iPhone to PC at the same time.
Step 2: Once iPhone connected to iTunes without password asked, click on iPhone device, from the Summary of the iPhone, click on Restore iPhone from the right side on the interface.

During the whole process of restore iPhone through iTunes, it's better than no password asked, or we can't restore iPhone with iTunes. We should turn to part 2 to get one easy method to restore iPhone without passcode.

Part 2: How to Restore iPhone Without Password in The Quickest Way

When we can't use iTunes to restore iPhone, we need the help of one professional tool-Eelphone iPhone Unlock, which is designed to unlock iDevice without passcode, or factory reset iDevice without password, delete all settings on iDevice, and at the same time, will erase al data in iDevice without restore. But it does one quick way to restore iPhone without password.

Step 1: Eelphone iPhone Unlock can be free downloaded on Window or Mac with easy installation guide. Make work of Eelphone iPhone Unlock once installed on PC. And from the home page of the Eelphone iPhone Unlock, we can see two functions to restore iPhone: Unlock Screen Passcode and Unlock Apple ID, if we only need restore iPhone, the former function is enough for us, so click on it without hesitation.
Restore iPhone without passcode

Step 2: Warning on the next page is also important for us, we should know the change after restoring iPhone, and the condition during the whole process of restoration. The data in iPhone will lose, and the iDevice version will be updated to the latest version, we must make sure of the connection during the whole restoration process. All is acceptable, click on Start button to go on.
Warning of Restoration

Step 3: Plug iPhone to computer via USB cable now, once iPhone connected to computer, the Eelphone iPhone Unlock will detect your iPhone firmware version, we should Download the right firmware version, if not correct, change it by ourselves.
Download firmware package

Step 4: When firmware package downloaded, the tool will extract iPhone, so click on Start to Extract to allow the tool to extract your iPhone.
Start to extract iPhone

Step 5: The Extraction finished, the last click to Start Unlock, it's restoring iPhone now, just wait a moment.
Start restore iPhone

After a few minutes, we restore iPhone without passcode successfully with the help of Eelphone iPhone Unlock. Turn to one suitable method to restore iPhone, it's up to you.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 13 June, 2019