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All Tips about How to Retrieve Deleted Contacts on iPhone

Alex Scott,  24 November, 2018
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There have four ways to undo deleted contacts iPhone.You can restore contacts on iPhone from iCloud or iTunes directly or via iPhone Data Recovery. You can restore from iPhone directly even if you no have backup.

"What to do? Yesterday my little guy play my iPhone. After, I found that the contacts in my smartphone were gone. It should be accidentally deleted by the child. I tried to retrieve it in recent deletion, but I didn't see it. How to undelete deleted phone numbers on iPhone? I am in a hurry and ask for a solution" from one Forum.
Contacts are an important way for us to socialize, and accidentally deleting contacts can be very anxious for us. In fact, there are many ways to undo deleted contacts iPhone, but there are many ways to be inoperable, or the chances of recovery are small, and the operation method is too complicated. For one iPhone rookie, the complicated operation method will make us crash. We are going to provide you with one way to restore deleted contacts iPhone for free, and three ways to restore contacts iPhone by EelPhone iPhone Data Recovery.

Way 1: Restore Contacts iPhone from iTunes iCloud For Free

Restore lost contacts iPhone from iTunes

Step 1: Connect your iPhone with PC via USB cable, and work iTunes on your computer.
Step 2: Click on the device icon after the iTunes scanning out your iPhone.
Step 3: Click the “ Summary ” tab on the left column then click “ Restore Backup… ”.
Step 4: If there are more than one backup choice, choose the one you want ti restore, the contacts probably the latest one and then click “ Restore ”.
Step 5: Once the restoring process is complete, you will undelete contacts from iPhone.
Restore contacts from iTunes
Restore contacts from iTunes

Retrieve contacts from iCloud

When iPhone contacts are synced to iCloud, we can restore deleted contacts from iCloud. And it's also the only method to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone without computer.

Go to Settings>General>Erase All Contents and Settings, once entered the Apple ID password to confirm the settings, the iPhone will be restarted, and in the signing page, click on Restore from iCloud backup, from the backup list, select one to restore.
Restore contacts from iCloud
Restore contacts from iCloud

We can also go to icloud.com, from settings, we can restore contacts from backup file also.
Restore contacts from iCloud

Note: An iPhone backup is a file that contains the entire contents of your iPhone. This makes it possible to retrieve any lost data. But Apple does not offer an approach to restore just one piece of data. For safety, you'd better back up the current data on iPhone first.

Way 2: How to Restore Deleted Contacts on iPhone iTunes Backup File

When you have the habit of backup, the data you lost has been backup before, you can use this way to restore the contacts, maybe you will ask me why not restore contacts directly from iTunes? Using EelPhone Mobile Transfer we can selectively restore the data we want, all contacts will be restored to iPhone directly.

Step 1: No need of Connect between iPhone and PC, but you still should download EelPhone iPhone Data Recovery, run it, and click “ Restore from Backups”.
Restore from iTunes

Step 2: From all backup tool, click on iTunes to go on.
Restore contacts from iTunes

Step 3: There will automatically render the iTunes backup list according to your backup time in the left side, Connect iPhone to the tool, and the iPhone will be listed at the right side.
Restore contacts from iTunes

Step 4: Please choose “ Contacts ” from the all restoreable data type when scan result overview. And click “ Start to Transfer”.
Restore contacts from iTunes

Now you have got your contacts back.

Way 3: How to Restore Contacts on iPhone from iCloud Backup File

Similarly, the precondition for using this method is that you have the habit of backup. As for why you don't use iCloud directly to restore contacts to iPhone?

Step 1: Download and make run it, click “ Restore from Backups ”.
Restore from iTunes

Step 2: Select iCloud from all backup tools.
Restore contacts from iCloud

Step 3: We should sign in iCloud account with Apple ID and password. And select an iCloud backup file from list.
Retrieve contacts from iCloud

Step 4: Check the type of data you want to retrieve, click “ Contacts ”, and then ,click “ Start Transfer”.
Restore from iCloud

Way 4: How to Retrieve Deleted Numbers on iPhone Without Backup

When the data you need to restore have not backup, you can use EelPhone to help you restore data directly from your iPhone. With just a few clicks, you can successfully restore deleted contacts iPhone.

Step 1: Download EelPhone iPhone Data Recovery, run it, click “ iPhone Data Recovery ”
Click iPhone Data Recovery

Step 2: Choose “ Recover From iOS Device ” on the left.Connect to PC via USB cable.
Recover from iOS Device

Step 3: Click “ Start ” to scan your device, keep connecting during the scanning.
Click Start

Step 4: Select the type of data you want to recover, now you should choose “ Contacts ”, and click “ Scan ”.
Select restore type Contacts

Step 5: Recheck the result of scanning, select “ Contacts ” on the left and click “ Recover ”.
Restore contacts iPhone

OK, now that your contacts have been restored, you can view your contacts.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 06 May, 2021

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