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How to Convert Spotify to MP3 in the Quickest Way

Alex Scott,  29 March, 2019
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When we desire to enjoy Spotify music in Android/iDevice without Spotify APP or iTunes and other players, turn to Spotify to MP3 converter, we can get converted Spotify music without DRM protection in steps with the Spotify Converter.

“I'm a Spotify Premium for one month, but I'm a student, I have no more many throws into the music, but no doubt that Spotify premium offers us so many audios with high quality and we can enjoy any playlist at any time and anywhere even offline and have all the power to enjoy the music. But life is life, I'm only a student now. I want to know if we can get one Spotify to MP3 converter, with which we can convert Spotify to music so that I can import converted Spotify music to my Android phone, and I can also enjoy them anytime and anywhere. More importantly, if I use Spotify free, I can't enjoy Spotify playlist offline, and I can only play music in Spotify player. I wish one Spotify to MP3 converter.”

As all we know, Spotify provides so many hot and classic music, and we can also enjoy Spotify music for free with some limitations, therefore, so many guys turn to Spotify Premium, but it cost a lot. One more important, whether Spotify free or Spotify premium, we can only enjoy Spotify playlist in Spotify player online or offline. Because all Spotify music is protected by DRM, we can download Spotify songs.

But if we convert Spotify music to MP3, what will happen? In the case that we get one Spotify to MP3 converter, we can import converted Spotify music, with the format of MP3, to almost all mobile device and players. We can play converted Spotify music anytime and anywhere we like offline. Remove DRM protection of Spotify playlist, and at the same time convert Spotify to MP3 to Android and players.

Easiest Way to Convert Spotify to MP3 with Original Quality

With EelPhone Spotify Music Converter, we can convert Spotify music to MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV, FLAC, several output format for your choice, and the high output music quality. Most important, we can convert Spotify music to MP3 within several clicks, no need for professional knowledge. Have a look at the detailed guide.

Step 1: EelPhone Spotify to MP3 converter free download online to your Window or Mac. But firstly, we need get the Spotify playlist link from Spotify.
Note: If you didn't download Spotify player in your computer, you can also get the playlist link from https://open.spotify.com, sign in with Facebook account. Search the playlist you want download, copy the song link.
Copy Spotify playlist link

Step 2: Launch EelPhone Spotify Converter now, and past the Spotify playlist link to the top search box of EelPhone Spotify Converter-Spotify link to MP3 converter, and the tool will load the playlist automatically, tap on the + next to the search box to add playlist to tool.
Load playlist in tool

Step 3: From the top icon Preference, it's time to define the output format, we can convert Spotify to MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV, FLAC, several output format, the quickest bit rate 256kbps for your choice.
Output settings

Step 4: We can also select the converted Spotify music save path, then tap on Convert to start convert Spotify playlist to MP3. We can get the converted Spotify playlist in Converted, and you can import converted Spotify to Android phone or iTunes, any players if you want.
Converting Spotify to MP3

It's the effective method about how to save Spotify songs as MP3, and it's free to enjoy converted Spotify playlist anytime and anywhere you like without DRM limitation.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 30 December, 2021

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