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How to Repair Corrupted JPEG to Original Quality

Alex Scott,  07 August, 2019
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If you have a batch of corrupted JPEG, and you want to repair the corrupted JPEG to original quality, we should the professional tool to repair corrupted JPEG files, JPEG repair online to recover corrupted JPEG in batch or one by one as we like. Get more detailed guide from the article below.

The JPEG, professional name is ISO 10918-1, but we would like to name it as JPEG or JPG, one format of picture, why JPEG is used widely? Because of the small KB of JPEG comparing to other photo format, we can save more pictures in one small storage tool. It's one popular photo format in picture tools. Of course, JPEG has high quality, it's up to you when we save one picture as the format of JPG, the compression ratio makes the quality of JPEG file. The higher the compression ratio, the lower the JPEG quality. That why so many users like to save photos as the format of JPG.

But when we have one old photo, and the photo format is JPEG, hardly corrupted , and we want to restore old photos to the original quality. We should pay so much if we take the photo to the shop to repair corrupted JPEG, or we can't find one JPEG repair shop near us, why not repair corrupted JPEG files at home by ourselves.

JPG file repair is easy and effective with the help of EelPhone Photo Repair, load corrupted JPEG to the repair tool to fix corrupted JPEG to original quality.

Easy Steps to Recover Corrupted JPEG

When the JPEG is not clear as before because of the long time of the JPG file, or when we transfer one JPG between friends so many time, the quality of the JPEG file will down also. When we want fix corrupted JPEG file, professional repair tool is more reliable even pay a few coin for it.

Step 1: Click on the download icon above to free download EelPhone Photo Repair to our computer, and launch it immediately after the installation, it's the tool designed for photo reparation. Click on Add File to import corrupted JPEG to the photo reparation tool.
Load JPEG files

If your corrupted JPEG is not in the computer, we should import the corrupted JPEG to the computer firstly, from the save folder, select the corrupted JPEG to the tool to fix corrupted JPEG.
Select corrupted JPG files

Step 2: We can import many corrupted JPEG at one time, so that we can repair corrupted JPEG in batch. It saves so much time than repair corrupted JPEG one by one. Of course, the EelPhone photo repair can fix almost all corrupted photos in different format, CRW, DNG, NEF, TIFF, JPEG, ORF, PEF, etc. Then select the corrupted JPG files, and then click on Repair.
Repair corrupted JPG

Step 3: Just wait patiently, and how long does it take is depending on the number of the corrupted JPEG files and the size of the files.
Repairing JPEG files

Step 4: Click on the JPEG file to preview the repaired JPG file, if you want to get the JPG file more clearly, click on Advance Repair after the name of each JPG file. If satisfied, choose the JPG file, and click on Save Repaired Files to save repaired JPEG files.
Repaired JPEG files
Save repaired JPEG files

From the save folder, repaired corrupted JPEG files are in original quality, we can drug the repaired JPG to the mobile device or other save tool as we like.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 29 May, 2021

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