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How to Remove DRM from iTunes

Alex Scott,  04 February, 2019
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Music/Movies/TV Shows/Podcasts/Audiobooks in iTunes are protected by DRM, we can only play then on iTunes, if we want to move those items to players or mobile device, with DRM protection, we can enjoy then in other players or mobile device without DRM protection. Turn to EelPhone iTunes DRM Removal to remove iTunes DRM protection within clicks.

“I am a new apple fan. I just bought an iPhone X yesterday, but it seems that I'm not skilled in using apple products. I like to listen to music, but I found that I can't transfer iTunes music to my iPhone to my mini MP3 player. Even I drag iTunes music from the save folder to my mini MP3 player, I can't play it on MP3 player. I don't know why I can't play iTunes music on my player, it's possible to get one solution? ”

We all have such troubles. When we want to transfer the music from iTunes to other devices, such as Android phones and music players, we don't have permission to directly transfer music from iTunes to other devices. Because all iTunes items are protected by DRM, that's why we can't transfer iTunes to another device directly. We gonna know more about DRM protection in iTunes and the exact reason for DRM removal, at last, in which way we can remove DRM from iTunes. Follow us!

Part 1: DRM protection for iTunes

As for those who expert in the domain of unique technology, DRM protection is easy for them. But for most of us, DRM protection is unfamiliar for us. More detail explanation of DRM.

DRM-Digital Rights Management, with the development of digital information, we must have a unique technology to enhance the protection of digital audio, video, documents, and e-books. This is a way of protecting intellectual property.

There are two types of DRM protection. One is multimedia protection, such as encryption of movies, music, audio and video, and streaming media files. The other type is encryption of documents, such as Word, Excel, PDF.

All items in iTunes are protected by DRM, whatever the items format, but usually, iTunes audio format is m4p, iTunes videos format is M4V, if we want play iTunes videos or audios on Windows Media Player,KSP Sound Player,Nullsoft Winamp Media Player,Roxio Creator,NCH Swift Sound WavePad, and other video player like youtube, we should remove DRM from iTunes, without DRM protection, we can enjoy iTunes videos and audios any players or mobile device.

Part 2: Remove DRM from iTunes-iTunes Music

How to remove iTunes audios DRM protection? We can use iTunes DRM removal online to remove iTunes music DRM, you need load m4p files to browser, then remove DRM protection, convert M4P to MP3, M4A, FLAC etc. But with EelPhone iTunes DRM Removal, load M4P music from iTunes directly. Just in several steps, we can remove iTunes music DRM protection, select one suitable output music format without DRM protection to enjoy iTunes music as we like.

Step 1: Download EelPhone iTunes DRM Removal to your Window or Mac, launch it via double click on it. When you have launched it, your iTunes will launch automatically. Click on the “Load iTunes Library ” from the left, from which are DRM protected audios.
iTunes DRM removal

Step 2: From the iTunes Library page, you can select iTunes audios from Music and Audiobook.
Import DRM iTunes

Step 3: Setting the output format, there are MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4B, 6 output formats for you, which are no DRM protection. And you can also define the output quality, lossless quality and high quality are for your choice.
iTunes DRM removal software

Step 4: Now, just click on “Convert” to remove iTunes DRM protection.
DRM-free iTunes files

Step 5: From the “Converted”, you can view all DRM removed iTunes audios, and if you want see the place of the converted iTunes audio, you can click on “Open”.
DRM-free iTunes files

OK, you have removed DRM protection of iTunes audios, and you can enjoy DRM unlocked iTunes audios in any other device as you like.

Part 3: Remove DRM from iTunes-iTunes-Movies

How to remove iTunes video DRM? iTunes DRM Removal-EelPhone iTunes Video DRM Removal, remove iTunes DRM movies, without DRM protection of iTunes videos, just enjoy iTunes videos in any video players or mobile device with original quality.

Step 1: Free download EelPhone iTunes Video DRM Removal on your Window or MAC, we should also install and launch it.
iTunes DRM removal

Step 2: When we launch the iTunes DRM Removal, the iTunes will be opened automatically so that the removal can detect the videos in iTunes. Click on “Load iTunes Library” to import iTunes videos to the iTunes DRM Removal.
iTunes DRM removal

Step 3: The DRM Removal can also edit your iTunes videos before removing DRM protection, Trim / Adjust / Effect / Watermark / Subtitle / Audio, several editable feathers for iTunes videos, but we can also pass this function in the removal.
iTunes DRM removal

Step 4: Output settings: now we should define the output format of your DRM protected iTunes videos, from the output section, several different format type for your choice, we can select Lossless MP4 as the output iTunes video format. And the save folder of iTunes videos without DRM protection is up to you.
iTunes DRM removal

Step 5: All is ready, click on Convert to start to remove iTunes DRM, the videos without DRM can be drugged into any mobile device and wed players to enjoy iTunes videos.
iTunes DRM removal

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 30 December, 2021

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