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RAR Password Unlocker to Bypass RAR Password

Alex Scott,  17 June, 2020
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Those who use RAR to pack files mean that packed RAR files are very important, because it is charged, and they must put password on it. But when you forgot RAR password, locked out of RAR file without password, you should the help of RAR password recovery-EelPhone RAR Unlock, which has four ways to find a password for a protected RAR file.

Different from ZIP, RAR is a patented file format, so if you want to use RAR to compress files, you should pay for it after 40 free trial times, and the compression ratio of RAR is higher than ZIP, but the compression/decompression speed of RAR is slower. And the file name, size, attributes, comments, and other blocks can be encrypted if you use RAR, for important files, people would like to use RAR rather than ZIP, and the built-in encryption of RAR makes it safer than ZIP. All in one, more and more professionals turn to RAR rather than zip.

So when you downloaded and registered RAR on computer, launch it, and load the files you want to compress. When you set up the archive name, you can set password of the RAR file at the same time, next time when you open the RAR file, you should enter the password you have archived.

In the case that you have forgotten RAR file password, or when you want to unlock one locked RAR file without password, it's impossible to bypass RAR password without knowing it without a professional tool, you should the help of RAR password recovery tool-EelPhone RAR Unlock, which provide 5 ways to unlock locked RAR file.

How Does RAR Key Password Cracker to Open RAR Without Password

RAR password unlocker-EelPhone RAR Unlock, you can select one recovery way according to the remember of RAR password, but the fast RAR password remover is that you can remember more character of RAR password. Choose the most suitable way to bypass RAR password.

Step 1: RAR password cracker free download on windows, launch the RAR password remover after installation. Tap on Add to load RAR file from Windows.
RAR password cracker

Step 2: Then from the interface, select the RAR password recovery method, you can see four recovery method, you can select one according to your memory of the password character:
Brute Force Mask Attack
Those two methods need us provide some details about the RAR password: like the length of the password, the composition of the password(letter/number/symbol/uppercase/lowercase/), or the composition feather of the password, etc. You can bypass same details if you forgot.
RAR password cracker

Dictionary Attack
If you can list the combination of the password on the text file, or the tool will use the inbuilt text dictionary file to recover RAR file password.
RAR password cracker

Brute Force Attack
It's the last method you can try when you can't remember any information of RAR password, choose this method to recover RAR password, it takes longer time than other methods above, just wait after clicking on Recover button.
RAR password cracker

So when you forgot RAR password, you can use EelPhone RAR Unlock, it's easy and effective even when you don't know any information about RAR password.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 02 September, 2021

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