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How to Backup iPhone with Broken Screen

Alex Scott,  01 September, 2021
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How to backup iPhone with unresponsive screen? When you can't access broken iPhone, all data in iPhone will be synced to iCloud automatically; or if you can still access broken iPhone, iTunes is the free tip to backup broken iPhone.

When iPhone was broken seriously, you can't access broken iPhone without entering iPhone screen lock password. It's impossible to link broken iPhone to iTunes without trusting computer on broken iPhone. So how to backup an iPhone with a broken screen?

Tip 1: How to Backup iPhone with Broken Screen and Passcode

iPhone with broken screen, no need of any operation on broken iPhone if you're using iCloud to backup iPhone data.

You're lucky when you always use the iCloud to backup iPhone, once registered iCloud, it's totally automatic to backup iPhone data and sync iPhone data to iCloud connecting to wifi. Even if iPhone was broken and you can't access broken screen.

You can restore broken iPhone data to another iDevice or check data in broken iPhone from iCloud.com by entering the broken iPhone linked Apple ID and Apple ID password.

So, for Apple users, it's worth paying for iCloud to backup idevice data automatically. Or backup idevice data to iTunes frequently, so that you can backup iPhone with broken screen without access broken iPhone.

Tip 2: How to Backup iPhone with Smashed Screen

If iPhone screen was broken, why not take it to the Apple service to replace the broken iPhone screen with a new one?

iPhone screen broken, you can't tap on Trust button to link broken iPhone to iTunes to backup iPhone, all features on iPhone are available, iPhone can even receive messages from others. It's the hardware damage, take the broken iPhone to Apple service, the technical staff can replace the broken iPhone screen with new one. It cost some penny but it's one good choice when the data in iPhone is important.

The broken iPhone is too old to cost so much to replace one new iPhone screen, and the data in iPhone isn't important, just get one new iPhone and throw the broken iPhone away.

Tip 3: How to Backup iPhone with Broken Screen-With iPhone External Keyboard

iPhone screen broken and won't work when you tried to connect broken iPhone to iTunes to backup broken iPhone. You can try to use the keyboard to control broken iPhone.
Note: it works on the broken iPhone which supports VoiceOver feature.

Preparation: Prepare one keyboard with the usb cable that can link iPhone to the keyboard directly. It's one special keyboard that can link broken iPhone to the keyboard directly with type-C port.

Step 1: Link broken iPhone to the keyboard.
Step 2: Hold the Home button to weak up Siri on broken iPhone. Once Siri enabled, say “turn on VoiceOver on iPhone”. Siri will responds and turn on VoiceOver from settings without unlocking broken iPhone.
Step 3: Enter iPhone screen lock password on keyboard to unlock broken iPhone.
Step 4: Use the Left and Right keys on keyboard to go head to broken iPhone Settings to register iCloud monthly plan with the help of VoiceOver.

Once the iCloud monthly plan enabled, all data in broken iPhone will upload to iCloud automatically. But this tip doesn't work on all broken iPhone, if you can't use the VoiceOver feature on broken iPhone, it's one useless method.

Of course you can use the VoiceOver and keyboard to backup broken iPhone to iTunes by unlocking broken iPhone and trust computer using the keyboard.

iPhone screen dead and all tips above don't work for broken iPhone backup process, restore from backup files to save all data of broken iPhone from backup files.

When iPhone screen broken, you'll regret that you haven't backup iPhone data in advance because you can't access broken iPhone to link iPhone to iTunes. In one word, it's necessary to backup iPhone regularly.

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