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How to Remove DRM from Apple Music

Alex Scott,  21 October, 2019
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For Apple Music subscription, we can play downloaded Apple Music songs offline, but we can't play Apple Music in other player because of DRM protection, Apple Music DRM protected removal, remove DRM on Apple Music, convert Apple Music songs to other format, converted Apple Music can be played in any players or mobile device.

DRM protected Apple Music, limited also by the DRM protection. When we download playlist to Apple Music, we can play downloaded Apple Music playlist from the downloading list on Apple Music offline. But we can't move the downloaded playlist to other players or mobile devices without Apple Music, and at the end of Apple Music subscription, the downloaded Apple Music songs are unavailable without payment for the subscription. Remove DRM from iPhone Apple Music songs, feel free to use downloaded Apple Music songs.

Part 1: How to Sync Apple Music Playlist to iTunes

We need the help of EelPhone Apple Music DRM removal, but first of all, we should sync all songs on Apple Music we downloaded to iTunes, because the DRM removal will detect Apple Music playlist with the help of iTunes-no have PC version of Apple Music Windows, but we can sync Apple Music playlist to iTunes playlist. Sync Apple Music in different ways.

Sync Apple Music library to iTunes via iOS Settings
Once subscribe to Apple Music, go to Settings>Music, turn on Sync Library option, with the same Apple id on iOS device, all songs in Apple Music library will appear, including iTunes.
Sync Apple Music library to iTunes

Sync Apple Music library to iTunes via mac
Double click on Apple Music APP on Mac, and then click on Music>Preferences>General, select Sync Library, we can also click on Automatic Downloads to download Apple Music songs once add playlist to library.

Sync Apple Music library to iTunes via iTunes Settings
Especial for windows users when they lost iOS device, go to iTunes to sync Apple Music library to all iOS device with the same apple id.
Open iTunes on Windows, and then go to Edit>Preferences>General, click on Sync Library from the settings. The Apple Music library in idevice will sync to iTunes. It will take a few minutes to sync all Apple Music library to iTunes.
Sync Apple Music playlist to iTunes

Choose one method to sync Apple Music library to iTunes. EelPhone Apple Music DRM removal need the help of iTunes.

Part 2: Effective Method to Remove DRM from iPhone Apple Music

How to remove DRM protection on iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch Apple Music? Remove DRM protection on Apple Music and then free play Apple Music library without limitation.

Step 1: Free download EelPhone Apple Music DRM removal on MAC or windows from the download icon from above, and then install the Apple Music DRM removal, launch the Apple Music DRM removal, when launch the Apple Music removal, the iTunes on PC will launch automatically. Make sure the iTunes account is same as Apple Music account you have synced Apple Music library.
Apple Music DRM protected removal

Step 2: On the home page of the Apple Music DRM removal, click on the first icon at the left side of the Apple Music DRM removal to load DRM-protected Apple Music library we have synced to iTunes. Fro the playlist, select the Apple Music songs you want to remove DRM-protection.
Import DRM protected Apple Music

Step 3: Once selected the Apple Music playlist you want to remove DRM protection, click on Output format settings to reset the format of DRM-free Apple Music playlist, we recommend MP3 format, which is suitable for almost all music players in original quality, keep the original quality of Apple Music songs, and save folder of DRM-free Apple Music.
Songs that aren't DRM protected

Step 4: Click on Convert to start remove DRM from Apple Music playlist, import DRM-free Apple Music playlist to any music playlist or mobile device to enjoy original quality Apple Music playlist.
Remove DRM from Aapple Music

Without DRM protection of Apple Music, it's up to us to use those DRM-free Apple Music playlist.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 01 April, 2020

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