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EelPhone author Alex Scott, 14 December, 2018


When your system is heavily damaged Android, no worry, try Repair to repair system Android. We can solve many situations Samsung encounter. Only a few steps of the reparation and we can repair iOS and iTunes problems.

“ What to do, when I upgraded my Samsung j2, the phone screen was stuck. After a few seconds, the phone was in black screen. I tried to restart the phone by pressing the home and power buttons at the same time, but there was no response. Two hours passed, but I still have no reaction. This is my only mobile phone. It is not terribly bad if the customer calls me? ”

Indeed, we will be very anxious about this situation. There are so many factors which can lead to Android problem. It may be that the software just downloaded conflicts with the Android system. It may be a phone crash that is too fast but the system response is too slow. It may also be that the phone memory is not enough during the system upgrade process, etc. At this time we tried to restart the phone but can not work, even we have to reset the phone, but sometimes reset the phone cannot solve the problem also, and it will lead to the loss of data. Maybe the EelPhone Repair tool can help you solve all Android problems.

Part 1: In Which Situations Can EelPhone Repair Play a Role

EelPhone Repair supports most of the Samsung models and can repair following system Android problems.

Stuck in Boot Loop
When you want to give your phone a Boot Loop, the phone is stuck in the boot loop state.

Stuck at Samsung Logo
When you turn on your phone, the phone card does not move on the phone logo. Or your Samsung s7 stuck on at&t logo

System Damage
The system can be loaded and unloaded. Perhaps the system is not complete enough. The system will be damaged during use. The font is not displayed correctly. The data location is incorrect.

Black Screen
In the process of using Android, it suddenly turns black screen and can no longer be used normally, it's called Android black screen of death. Samsung black screen can be solved.

OTA Updated Failure
When update our Android OTA, it has not been successful for a long time. Repeated attempts or failures.

Forced Termination
For example, if we download a game to a Samsung phone, the game will be forced to terminate unexpectedly as soon as we open the game. This situation is very annoying.

Phone Crash
“ Why does my phone keep crashing? Why does Facebook keep crashing on my phone ”. It's two phenomenons of Android crash -phone crash and app crash .

Phone Bricked
When Android phone fails to update system or enter wrong system, the phone is easy to turn bricks. At this time, the mobile phone is as useless as a brick and called brick phone.

Phone Failed to Updated
The phone is connected to the computer for collection and upgrade, but the upgrade is always unsuccessful, accompanied by the phenomenon of black screen or bricked .

Phone Won't Turn On
“ Samsung galaxy s6 won't turn on. And my phone overheated and won t turn on, what can i do? ” When we want to turn on phone, it doesn't work. Long press the power button is useless.

Phone Won't Turn Off
“ Samsung tablet frozen won t turn off, what can i do? ” When we want to turn off phone, it doesn't work. Long press the power button is useless also.

Part 2: Steps for Android System Repair with EelPhone Repair

At present, our software can only support most of Samsung's model, such as Samsung A3/A5/A7/CORE 2/CORE PRIME/J1/J2/J3/J5/J7/NOTE3/NOTE4/NOTE5/NOTE8/S5/S6/S7/ S8/S9...

Step 1: Of course, we should owe this tool, download it and then make it work for you. Click “ Repair ”.
Android Repair

Step 2: In fact, you can view three type reparation: iOS Repair / Android Repair / iTunes Repair, select “ Android Repair ”. There are all problems EelPhone Repair can fix, such as phone bricked, black screen, phone failed to updated, etc.... Click “ Start ” and connect your Samsung to PC via USB cable.
Android Repair

Step 3: Select the correct Android model. Incorrect selection may get your device bricked. Agree with the warning by checking it, and click “ Next ” to go on.
Note : If you have logged in a Google or Samsung account in your device, keep a note of user name and password. You may need to enter user name and password again to get into the system after it is repaired.
Select Samsung model

Step 4: Confirm you device model, and enter “ 000000 ”.
Confirm Samsung model

Step 5: We should be into Download Mode, we can two way to get Download Mode. Then click “ Next ”.

Phone with Home button
Power off the phone>Press and hold the Volume Down+Home button+Power button at the same time for 5 to 10 seconds>Free up and only press the Volume Up to enter Download Mode.
Android Download Mode

Phone without Home button
Power off the phone>Press and hold the Volume Down+Bixby+Power button at the same time for 5 to 10 seconds>Free up and only press the Volume Up to enter Download Mode.
Android Download Mode

Step 6: After click “ Next ” button, we are downloading firmware, it takes sometime, please wait a moment.
Downloading firmware

Step 7: After several minutes, Android system repair is finish. Check whether the device can start. Now you can use your device normally.
Android Repair completed

Part 3: Other Functions of Eelphone Repair

We have already mentioned that EelPhone Repair can fix not only Android phone, but also iOS and iTunes.

iOS Repair
More than 20 iOS stuck solutions can be repaired, like black screen of death, stuck on Apple logo, stuck in Recovery Mode etc.

iTunes Repair
EelPhone Repair can repair iTunes errors-Repair iTunes Errors, startup errors, update errors and other errors.
EelPhone Repair can repair itunes syncing error when iTunes can not sync iOS device or sync failure.
EelPhone Repair can also repair iTunes connection issues when iTunes can not recognize iOS or can not read content on iOS device.
EelPhone Repair support iPhone XS / XS Max / XR / X / 8/ 7 / 6s / 6 / 5s / 5c /4S/4, repair your iOS system only in several steps. EelPhone Repair can repair Android system, but now only support Samsung device. iTunes errors can be solved also. The problem is coming, we always have a solution to the problem.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 10 July, 2020