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How to Delete Messages from iCloud

Alex Scott,  21 September, 2022
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For iPhone users, it's easy to delete messages from iCloud, and even after 30 days, you can't restore deleted messages from iCloud backup. So you should consider carefully before removing all messages from iCloud if you didn't back it up to iTunes or computer in advance.

You have free 5GB storage space on iCloud, you can save any files to iCloud you want. When you've used up 5GB storage space, you can even delete some files from iCloud to free up iCloud storage space and then you can use iCloud for free.

For Apple users, it's too small to save all your data on iPhone, you should pay for iCloud every month according to the iCloud package you choose. Of course, you can delete messages from iCloud to free up iCloud, but how to delete messages on iCloud? You have two ways to delete iCloud messages.

Part 1: Disable and Delete Messages iCloud from Settings

iCloud will store all data from iPhone/iPad/ipod/Apple watch, but when you want to delete and disable messages from iCloud, just from settings, you can do it easily.

From iPhone settings app, locate the iCloud through the path: Settings>[your name]>iCloud >Manage Storage>Messages>Disable&Delete.

You'll be asked o enter password to confirm this operation because of the messages erasing after the process.
When the “Disable and Download Messages” notice appears, you can download the messages from iCloud to iPhone or you ca ignore it by tapping on the Cancel button.

Note: The messages on iCloud won't be deleted immediately, within 30 days, your messages still will be saved in iCloud even that you've disabled messages from iCloud on iPhone settings. In 30 days, you can still recover messages from iCloud backup. It's one good consideration for those who regret the operation of deleting messages from iCloud.

But for those who want to disable and delete messages iCloud at once, it's not a good choice, you can remove messages from iCloud directly rather than delete and disable iCloud messages from settings. Turn to the second way to delete messages from iCloud with one click.

Part 2: How to Delete Messages from iCloud Directly

Not only messages, all data types you've synced to iCloud will appear on iCloud.com. With Apple ID and Apple ID password, you can delete messages from iCloud directly, no need the repeat operation on all idevices. When you delete messages from iCloud directly, all linked idevice will update to the new statue of iCloud you've changed.

With the correct Apple ID and Apple ID password, go to iCloud.com, you should bypass the two‑factor authentication on one linked idevice.
From the first interface of iCloud, you'll see Mail icon, all messages sent under the email will appear.
Choose the messages from the email account, tap on the delete button to delete messages from iCloud thoroughly.

Difference from the way to delete messages from iCloud on settings, once you've deleted messages from iCloud, you can't restore it from iCloud backup file. So it's better to move all messages on iPhone/iPad to computer.

Part 3: Before Deleting Messages from iCloud

Backup Messages
Before deleting messages from iCloud, you would like to disable and delete messages from settings or you delete messages from iCloud.com directly, it's better to make a backup, when you want to restore deleted messages, you'll have chance to get it back rather than nothing to do.

In fact, you can backup all your messages to iTunes, then you can restore from iTunes backup directly by connecting iPhone/iPad to computer. To make the messages editable or you would like one easier way to backup messages to computer, you can choose EelPhone iPhone Transfer to move all messages to computer with one click, you can select the messages from the scanning result.

Delete Messages from the Messages APP
Due to the auto backup feature of iCloud, when you enabled message on iCloud, any new messages will be synced to iCloud automatically. In fact, if you want to clear up all messages, you should delete messages from iPhone/iPad in advance. Go to the Message app, choose the messages, tap on the delete icon to remove messages from iPhone/iPad.

Part 4: Delete Messages from iPhone Thoroughly

You've disabled and deleted messages from iCloud by following two ways above, but do you know that even you've deleted messages from the message app on iPhone, the data recovery tool can even restore deleted messages with ease.
In the case that you would like to delete all messages without recovering, clear up iPhone messages using EelPhone Mobile Eraser or factory reset iPhone/iPad directly from settings.

Even with the data recovery tool, it's impossible to recover deleted messages from iPhone/iPad when you factory reset iPhone or use the professional tool to clean all messages on iPhone/iPad.

It's easy to delete messages from iCloud, but you should know the limited days of downloading messages from iCloud, and you should backup messages if you choose the unrecoverable way to delete messages from iCloud. Looking through all parts of this article before deleting messages from iCloud.