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Here, we provide the method of Android and iOS data recovery, transfer and management, as well as solutions to common problems.

How to Put a Password on a Folder

Summary Can you password protect a folder? add a password to a folder with EelPhone File Password Encryption, which can password protect a folder in Windows with clicks, and we can even lock a folder in Windows 7 for free with the built-in function on Windows 7. but the easiest method to password protect folder Windows is still EelPhone File Password Encryption, select the folder, put one password on folder, every time when we want to enable the folder, we should enter the passwo......

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Two Methods about How to Encrypt Documents/Photos/Text files in Windows

Summary Window file encryption is achievable with the Windows Encrypting File System, but document encryption is more reliable with the file encryption software-EelPhone File Password Encryption. "When I am not in the office, my colleagues often use my computer without my permission. As a salesperson, customer information is very important to us. These customer profiles are related to the development of our work. I don't want others to see the customer information on my c......

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