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What to Do When Snapchat is Not Working

Alex Scott,  12 August, 2022
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Snapchat works well on others days but Snapchat not working today, why is my Snapchat not working? Checking out all possible reasons for the issue to avoid the problem the next time, and finding out the solutions to fix Snapchat not working one by one.

For young and trendy guys, Snapchat is one necessary pastime tool for them. Snapchat is well-pleasing because of the features-Burning After Reading and the prohibition of screenshot/screen recording. Snapchat makes their entertainment time more private.

Part 1: why isn't Snapchat Working

why isn't Snapchat working? To find out the most effective way to fix Snapchat not working issue, it's better to find out the cause of the issue.

Network Connection
Snapchat is free for users, but you should run it with a stable and strong network. Without wifi or cellular connection, Snapchat not working anymore.

Snapchat Version
Like other apps, Snapchat will release a new version from time to time. The new Snapchat is for fixing some bugs in the old one.

Snapchat Collapsed
It's the cause that you can't do anything to fix Snapchat not working issue. When Snapchat crashed or was hacked by hackers, Snapchat not working then.

Those three are the main causes of Snapchat not working problem. But we can find out more tips to fix Snapchat not working issue.

In the second part, listing all tips to fix Snapchat isn't working issue effectively.

Part 2: What to Do When Snapchat isn't Working

Snapchat is one mobile app, when the Snapchat app not working on your mobile phone, apart from the tips to fix Snapchat not working according to the cause in the first part, you'll get some generic tips to fix Snapchat is not working problem.

Tip 1: Network Connection
You've already installed the Snapchat app on your mobile phone, and you've used Snapchat on your mobile phone before but Snapchat not working today. The network connection on the phone is the first point you should check.
If you've linked to the network, test it on other apps on your mobile phone. Switch to another network account when the linked network is weak and unstable.
The network is strong and stable but Snapchat not working all the time, turn to the next tip directly.

Tip 2: Disable Snapchat
The Snapchat not working when you've opened it. Close up Snapchat from mobile phone thoroughly, don't make it run in the background. After a while, open Snapchat from mobile phone main interface again.

Tip 3: Uninstall Snapchat
You've disabled Snapchat and opened it, but Snapchat not working either. Uninstall it from your mobile phone, then go to the app store to reinstall it.

Tip 4: Update Snapchat
Especially when there is one new Snapchat version, you didn't update it to the latest version. Go to the app store to update Snapchat to the new version immediately. The new Snapchat version may already fix some Snapchat bugs you can't fix.

Tip 5: Restart Mobile Phone
Restarting will solve so many problems of mobile, when Snapchat still not working, reboot mobile phone using the power button to turn it off and then turn it on after a moment.

Tip 6: Don't Try Prohibition Features
You're trying to take screenshots or screen recordings on the Snapchat interface. It's prohibited to take any screenshots or screen recordings when you're using the Snapchat app on a mobile phone.

Burning After Reading and prohibition of screenshot/screen recording are two attractive features of Snapchat, that's also why more people turn to Snapchat to share a relaxing moment with snubs. Snapchat not working when you're trying to reserve photos or videos from Snapchat.

Tip 7: Reset Mobile Phone
All tips above were done but Snapchat not working either, considering the problem with your mobile phone.
Reset mobile phone from settings to fix Snapchat not working issue.
The data loss of reset operation is the disadvantage, you can backup phone data before factory reset.
After the factory reset operation, restore files from backup file and download and install Snapchat app from app store one more time.

With a stable and strong network, run Snapchat app on your mobile phone with your Snapchat account.

Tip 8: Feedback to Snapchat Support
If you've tried all tips above but not working either, take Snapchat official bug into consideration. You can go to Snapchat official website to feedback on the problem, and then what you can do is wait.
If there are so many Snapchat users' feedback on the Snapchat not working issue, Snapchat will pay attention to the feedback and then check and solve the issue.

What you can do is wait, you can try to use Snapchat the next day. Snapchat not working problem is from Snapchat or your mobile phone, you can try all tips above one by one to fix Snapchat not working.