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What to Do When Your iMovie not Working

Alex Scott,  17 January, 2022
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iMovie not working on your iPhone and Mac, you can't edit videos on iDevice for free. How to fix iMovie not working issue, follow the article to fix iMovie on iPhone not working step by step.

iMovie is one Apple APP to edit videos, so you can only download and use it on iPhone/iPad/Mac. No available windows or android version till now. iMovie not working on android and windows.

At the moment that you're using iMovie on iDevice, but iMovie not working, you can't edit video or you can't export iMovie after the editing process. For different iMovie issues, we provide different solutions.

Can't Download and Install iMovie

Apart from android phones and windows, not all iDevice can install iMovie, you should check your ios version, if your iPhone/iPad ios version is lower than ios 11.2, update ios software to the latest version before downloading and installing iMovie.

Even with Apple products, you can't download and install iMovie to edit your special videos, you can choose another video editor-EelPhone Video Editor to create a video on Mac and windows with easy operation.

iMovie not Importing

You've installed the iMovie on iDevice or Mac with success, but when you open iMovie and import video from local storage, it failed to load video to iMovie. The video is too long to import to iMovie, you can split the video into more pieces, then edit the shorter video in iMovie. And you should check the video format: MP4/mov/avi/dv, not all video format can be played and edited on iMovie. You can use the video converter to convert video to MP4, then import it to iMovie to edit it.

iMovie not Compatible with QuickTime

The videos edited from iMovie, you want to play it on QuickTime, but when you open the edited video from QuickTime, one notice pops that “the document XX can't be opened”, the iMovie not compatible with QuickTime. Wait a moment when you have export video from iMovie, it takes a while to format the video. And you should export the edited video to QuickTime directly from iMovie settings: iMovie>Share>Export Using QuickTime>MP4, select MP4 as the export video format.

iMovie not Working

It works with networks of some features of iMovie, like some themes and audios, keep the network connection to make sure that all features on iMovie are available.

iMovie not working after downloading it on your Mac or iPhone, you can't use it to edit video. iMovie is not free, it comes with iLife. If you don't want to buy iMovie or when iMovie not working after all attempts, iMovie not working either, you have another choice-turn to another video editor, EelPhone Video Editor is the best choice, which can edit video with easy steps.

Other Tips to Fix iMovie Not Working

1. When there is one available iMovie verison, go to APP store to update iMovie to the latest one and then open it one more time.
2.Reboot iPhone/Mac. The iMovie not working, reboot your iDevice and then open it one more time to have a try.
3. Uninstall and re-install iMovie. Uninstall iMovie from iPhone or Mac. Then go to APP store to download iMovie one more time. You should pay for it when you re-install iMovie on iPhone/Mac.
4. Split video into pieces. When the video you're going to edit on iMovie is too long, you'd better split it into pieces, then edit the short video on iMovie one by one.

iMovie comes with iLife, it's free when you're using iLife. It's easy to edit video on your iPhone and Mac. In the case that iMovie not working, fix iMovie by following the tips above one by one.