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How to Restore Colors in an Old Photograph

Alex Scott,  16 March, 2022
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It takes a few hours to restore an old photo? restoration of photos in Photoshop is the best way to restore old photos, but you should know that not all users can restore old photos from Photoshop. EelPhone Photo Restoration is the best restore old photos APP with one click.

The old photo was color damaged or with the time passed, the old photo in hand is nearly ambiguous. You can't see any details on old photo, but the old photo is so significant for you: deceased parents or meaningful moments. It's the treasure for you.

Old photo restoration is complex with the help of Photoshop, you'd better be technical enough to restore old photos with Photoshop, at the same time, you should be talented in painting also.

All Types of Photo Restoration Services Online

When you search the photo restoration online, you'll find out several different types to restore old photos and the charge type.

Old Picture Restoration Charging According to the Duration
It's one manual method to restore old photos. How much does it cost to restore one old photo depends on how long time the professional people take to restore the photo you provided. Photo restoration and retouching start at $45 an hour with a minimum of 2 hours and $25 each hour after that. This is the one common way to restore old photos charging on the duration.

Step 1: First of all, you should contact Support to request the detailed rule of charging.
Step 2: Send the old photos to the support, they will check about the cost of the old photo restoration, and your detailed appeal of the photo restoration
Step 3: You can receipt the cost, then the professional people will restore your old photo little by little.

Generally, professional people will use use the Photoshop to restore picture, it's one complicated job to restore old photo when it was severely damaged. The high price of old picture restoration owing to the complex repair process.

Online Photo Restoration Services Based on the Level of the Work
Photo restoration online service will provide several levels of photo restoration, the cost of one old photo restoration depends on the level of the work: more requests, higher level, higher cost.

We found that the major cracking and pitting/replace missing facial features/repair major damage to faces/repair severe water damage, all features related to photo restoration will cost around 60$.

The online photo restoration services website will list the different levels of photo restoration, according to the photodamage level, you can select the photo restoration level. For example, the color of the old photo was faded, you only want to restore color in old photos. You can select the photo restoration level including the photo color restoration service.

According to the photodamage level, choose a suitable level of photo restoration service. You should send the photo to the website support, after the payment, they'll restore photo according to the level you've selected.

Photo Restoration APP-EelPhone Photo Restoration
Both online photo restoration services above will receive your photos and then restore it manually. It's not one good way to protect the privacy of pictures, they can save your photos. You can use the photo restoration software directly to restore old photo by yourself.

EelPhone Photo Restoration is one PC photo restore APP, download it to computer, and then import the damaged old photos to the photo restoration APP, tap on the Restore button to restore a photo or restore a batch of photos with one click only.

The PC old photo restoration APP won't collect any personal information, the whole process is totally automatically. With one click, you can finish the photo restoration.

When there are many photos you want to restore, upload all photos to the photo restoration APP at the same time, select all photos before tapping on the Restore button.

Old Photo Restoration Online Free?

Are you searching the old photo restoration online free? Some online photo restoration services publicized that it's free to restore old photos, but mostly, it's not totally free.

Limited Free Credit
It's free for the first three or first two old photos, you should pay for it over the limited credit.

Subscription for Download
All steps before downloading the restored photos are free, but if you want to download restored photos, you'll be asked to subscribe to the photo restoration services.

Free or Subscribe
You can choose the free photo restoration service or subscription photo restoration service, of course, the subscription photo restoration service will provide higher service to make old photo clear and more realistic.

AI Photo Restoration
You'll find the ai photo restoration online, it's also one new and quick way to restore old photo. Sometimes, you'll find that the restored photo is worse than original one. But it's really easy, just upload the old photo to the website's exact place, then tap on the Restore button to restore it. You can even preview the restored photo before subscribing to it, like VanceAI.

picture restoration APP or online photo restoration services, choose the right way to restore pictures and find back the happy memories.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 16 March, 2022