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Why Aren't My Photos Uploading to iCloud

Alex Scott,  29 April, 2022
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All photos won't upload to iCloud, and photos uploading to iCloud stuck even after an hour. You'll find the solutions from this unit and the replaceable way to upload photos from iDevice to computer.

There is no one available computer in hand, or you think it's inconvenient to backup iDevice photos to computer every time, iCloud is the best choice to backup iDevice photos whenever and wherever you are. You can upload photos to iCloud automatically when you enabled the iCloud Photo feature from iPhone settings.

It's automatic to upload photos to iCloud when you've added new photos to your iPhone, when iPhone doesn't upload photos to iCloud, new photos won't be backed up and you can't restore deleted photos on iPhone. iCloud will save all photos on iPhone, and then you can restore deleted photos from iCloud directly then.

why won't my photos upload to iCloud and what to do when photos won't upload to iCloud? There are almost all what you can do when iCloud upload stuck.

Tip 1: Check iCloud Service Plan Status

Different from iTunes, iCloud is not free for apple users after the 5GB storage is used up, you should pay for every month, the charge of the plan differs by iCloud storage size, the larger the storage size is, more you should pay monthly.

If you forgot to pay for iCloud plan in time or the balance of your bank card with automatic debit is insufficient, your iCloud plan will be unavailable.

How can you upload photos to iCloud when the iCloud plan is unavailable? Please renewal iCloud plan in time. In the moment that iCloud not uploading photos, check the iCloud plan at first.

Tip 2: Check iCloud Plan Storage

The iCloud storage was used up already, the current iCloud plan can't store the files you've selected to upload to iCloud. There is no available storage space to upload new photos on iPhone.

You should change iCloud plan timely to store more photos on iPhone. In fact, if you're using iCloud to backup all data on iPhone, you should upgrade iCloud plan regularly to save new files on iPhone.

So it's also important to select the right iCloud plan to backup iPhone data, make sure that iCloud has enough storage space when files won't upload to iCloud.

Tip 3: Reboot iPhone and Try Again

iCloud photo download stuck at 1 for long time, you can stop uploading photos to iCloud by reboot your iPhone.

When iPhone photos not uploading to iCloud photo library for long time, and the uploading process is already on the way, force stop it by reboot iPhone.

When iPhone restarts, go to iCloud to enable iCloud Photo Library to upload photos to iCloud again.

Tip 4: Check Network Connection

Photos taking long to upload to iCloud, iCloud storage is big enough to store photos from iPhone, it's time to check the network of iPhone.

With the available network-WiFi or cellular, photos on iPhone will upload to iCloud automatically and successfully. It's better to connect iPhone to stable and strong network on iPhone before uploading photos to iCloud.

You can check the network on other Apps, if the network is unavailable, switch to other network and check one more time. iCloud works with network, iCloud photos stuck on updating when network is weak.

Tip 5: Check the iCloud Photo Library Feature

Not only photos on iPhone, but almost all data types on iPhone can also be uploaded to iCloud when you enabled it from iPhone settings. So when iPhone not uploading photos to iCloud, please check the iCloud photo feature was enabled or not.

Go to Settings>apple id>iCloud>Photos>iCloud Photo Library, please enable the iCloud Photo Library feature from settings if it was disabled. Then photos on iPhone will upload to iCloud automatically.

Tip 6: Check iPhone/iPad Internal Storage

All services and Apps on iPhone/iPad run with internal storage. It's better to make sure that iPhone/iPad has enough storage space to make iPhone runs smoothly.

Especially when iCloud drive stuck on uploading for a long time, free up iPhone by deleting useless files from iPhone. In fact, every time when you backed up iPhone data, you should free up iPhone internal storage by erasing backed-up files from iPhone.

Tip 7: Turn to iTunes to Upload iPhone Photos to Computer

only some photos uploading to iCloud or iCloud photo upload stuck, after having tried all attempts above, you can't upload photos from iPhone to iCloud with success, choose other ways to backup iPhone photos.

iTunes is free for Apple users to backup iPhone data, when items have not been uploaded to iCloud, turn to iTunes to backup iPhone regularly. Not only iTunes, but EelPhone iPhone Transfer is also the tool to backup iPhone data to computer with one click, you can manage iPhone data on computer at the same time.